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    I had another bad wipe the other day. Our last raid member died on Rag at 10.1%. DAMNIT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xiic View Post
    Heroic Maloriak is at ~500k hp. Blue orb spawns under mage, mage iceblocks it, orb still blows up, kills the entire raid except the tank, himself and one healer. Mage gets him down to 5000 hp before wiping.

    Took us three more days with a bunch more sub 50k wipes before we got it
    it's a 5-10y ranged on those orbs, why would you guys stack in that phase
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    in cata . had a 50k hp left on nefy. cant really remember the ones in vanilla etc

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    324 HP left on Beth'tilac HC.

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    Ryolith 10 hc => 80k Wipe. Would have been World 11th Kill. Killed it the following day when i remember correctly
    //Edit: Oh no! three days after that

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    Cho'gall normal, everything was going just fine until at around 5% people start dropping like flies ( it was a month after cata and we werent very sure about tactics ) we had a great dps until then and the fight went really really smoothly. So at around 3% it's me, two more DPS and the tank. Me and another Dps fall down and tank and the other dps ( destro lock i think ) bring him to 1%. tank falls, lock keeps shooting instant spells like soul fire and at 20k hp we start cheering and yelling for the server first kill. Lock drops down at 10k on Cho'gall and his dots bring him to 1k. BIGGEST nerd rage ever, you have no idea of how much we were pissed (

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    our worst wipe was chim hc. 134k wipe. yay. didnt even kill him that week =P. next week he went down tho =P.

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    Heroic sindragosa back when ICC was the big thing

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    Professor Putricide with 20k HP. =X

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    I'm not sure if this was our most epic wipe or our most epic kill, but....

    Anub 25m heroic. Our last person standing died from the frost DoT the same second Anub started his death animation and our < A Tribute To Insanity > achievements popped up. In short: We got the achievement for clearing the instance without wiping, while everyone in the raid was dead ^^

    This was on our second kill and the achievement was a server second, so saying vent exploded is quite an understatement.....

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    Last content:
    36k Heroic Nefarian
    1.8% Sinestra

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    ragnaros heroic, tank died while running to a trap and rag hits the raid with empowered sulfuras.. fun times.

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    These are the ones i can remember, some of them reaaaaally grooling and devastating ones because were @ ranking race time....

    classic sub 1-5% wipes: ragnaros, kaelstrasz, chromaggus, nefarian, princess huhuran, twin emperors, c'thun, thaddius, four horsemen, kel thuzad
    tbc sub 1-5% wipes: gruul, archimonde, lady vashj, mother shahraz, illidan, kael'thas, brutallus, muru, kil jaden
    wotlk sub 1-5% wipes: satharion 3d, kel thuzad imortal run, mimiron hc, yogg saron 0/+1, algalon, twin valkyrs hc, anubarak hc, lady deathwhisper hc, saurfang hc, festergut hc, putricide hc, bql hc, sindragosa hc, lich king hc
    cataclysm sub 1-5% wipes: chimaeron hc, ascendant council hc, alakir hc, cho'gall hc, nefarian hc, sinestra, bethtilac hc, baleroc hc
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    30 k wipe on lord Rylothi 10 man heroic :S

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    Me as a mage, was last man standing, the boss hit me and ..
    my molten armor did the killing blow.

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    Our last Raid day before 4.2 we had 1% wipe on Neferion HC. That was so sad.

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    Original Naxx think we had a 1% wipe on pretty much every boss. Thaddius was annoying ...

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    Last week Shannox HC, we had to go with a new healing and dog interrupting setup so it took us a few wipes to nail it. The most ridiculous wipe was on 20k. Yes, literally 20 thousand health. The last survivor was an elemental shaman when Shannox was on 100k, shaman managed to cast 2-3 spells but the boss remained alive at 20k when he killed the shaman, then de-spawned. A sh*tstorm of curses followed on ventrillo
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    We didn't have a full wipe as such, but back in ToGC we were on Anub progression. Our holy paladin was the last one alive and got the killing blow with a holy shock. You can imagine the noise on vent after that lol.

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    Nefarion HC, we wiped 2 times at 1% and had to call it a night. The next raid I could not attend and of course he went down then. Everyone got achievement and we didn't return to the boss because Firelands hit. So no Blackwing's Bane for me this expansion :/

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