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    Heroic Sindragosa 25, some idiot blocked half the raid at about 15%, had to leave most of them in and just burn. Got her down to 80k before I died and she went for happy hour on the rest of the raid. Only 2 healers and an ele shammy up at that point, so the shaman's lava burst immediately got aggro and he was 1 shot. Healer dots took the boss to 3000 hp. Worst wipe ever.

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    When Morchok died and Kohcrom was still alive and we whiped. Pretty weird when they share HP?

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    Ony 25, 13 hp left on ony, and only a holy pally left. For some reason he decides to melee it, and misses.

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    Not sure about worst but wiping a few times at 1% on Vaelastrasz before he would despawn for the week after 1hr of attempts was quite annoying.

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    Shade of Aran, casual guild I was in finally was getting him to sub 10% after a month of attempts. 1% HP raid is wiping, 2 dps left (ele shaman and mage.) Mage iceblocks to avoid taking a magic attack, Shaman dies. Mage removes ice block, PoMs, pyroblasts Aran, boss has like 1k hp left, Pyro dot is ticking, mage dies just as Shaman ankhs, lightning bolt is in mid-flight...lightning bolt hits boss..."Evade" and Aran disappears at 1 hp with the shaman alive.

    Took us another 2 weeks to down him.

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    in our first raid night in DS, on warlord...... wipe at 27k.......it like a hunter kill shot TT

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    Twin Emps, we ended up getting them to 1% and they healed.
    Gladiator Underbyte

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    For me back in Vanilla WOW it was in BWL (BlackWing Lair) on the 2nd boss which was Vaelastrasz - The corrupt. This boss was nicknamed by several guilds at the time as the 1% Wipe Boss because most guild almost always wiped at the 1% with this one. I remember the first time we took him down and everyone just said F!@)-YOU! to this boss - was fun though.

    Actually the the video is STILL on youtube LOL


    LOL ssooo many dead bodies! :-P
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    lich king 10 hc pre cata at the last 1% someone stood in defile

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    Twin Emps in AQ40... such a long, painful fight. 1% tank death, no recovery, they got a heal off, then it was like dominoes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrathcrab View Post
    Not sure about worst but wiping a few times at 1% on Vaelastrasz before he would despawn for the week after 1hr of attempts was quite annoying.
    ^ this...

    There was one too when a mage blew up next to everyone.

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    Warlord Blackhorn, one of the last tries before the 5% nerf
    last person dying with boss at 100k hp -_-`

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    Heroic LK 25 pre 4.0 boss despawned with 14k hp left after raid wiped.

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    Kel'Thusad 25man back in 3.0, about 0.1% health left, 156hp precisely.

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    was probably on hagara hc we went into the last phase (an ice phase) and our tank DCd and got killed by the ice waves. We managed to go through the phase and i started tanking hagara who killed me way to fast. Anyway we managed to nuke her to .5% or something when our last player died...

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    Definitely Twin Emps, just because that fight was so long.

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    Sindragosa prenerf in 10 man with 2 attempts left, our Ret Pally was basicly 1 or 2 hits away from killing the boss but didn't use LoH on himself =(

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    Yesterday, Ultraxion 10 H. Boss wiped us with 87k HP!
    Almost had a heartattack LOL.

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    Ragnaros HM (4.2) - 350k hp - 0.3% -_-

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    Hc Ultraxion at 12.5k hp -.-

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