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    Ragnaros HM (4.2) - 350k hp - 0.3% -_-

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    Hc Ultraxion at 12.5k hp -.-

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    Trying to get my 'Deaths by hogger' to 1.

    Level 85, health at 800, then some NPC's come and take him a way to the Stockades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mizzsophie View Post
    Back in WotLK on Anub'arak (10HC) it was one or two weeks after the heroic modes have been released, we were at him at (50/50) and we were fighting for realm first (newly made guild) and we wiped on 36,6k HP.. there was noone speaking on Ventrilo for a whole minute or so after the wipe.
    there was no realm first for 10 man insanity?

    We haven't really had any this tier. We had a few 2% wipes and a 200k HP wipe on heroic blackhorn but that's about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by advent676 View Post
    Heroic LK 25 pre 4.0 boss despawned with 14k hp left after raid wiped.
    So you wiped after the roleplay and while the Lich King was floating in the air defenseless and also managed to kill Tirion at the same time? Incredible.
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    Prolly on LK. Had like 3 people still up and then BAM.

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    Back in BC, my raiding group was on Leotheras. This was the last time I would be raiding with them, due to having gotten a new job that didn't fit schedule-wise. We wiped at 2% and then called it a night.

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    Yesterday, few attempts before our H Madness kill, boss needs another 200k or so hp to go down and everyone takes a blood tick for around 500k, we died a little inside.

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    80k 10H Ultraxion last week.

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    Was doing H Ultra the other day we almost had it i was spamming sw:d first one got off, i died right before the second one went off. Boss had 26k left.

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    Switching to this:

    Although low % H LK25 attempts were close.
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    150k Cho'Gall wipe.. >.<
    If I only Soulshattered it would be a kill :/
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    In tbc everyone wished they were playing vanilla. In cataclysm everyone will wish they were playing wotlk.
    ^------True story!!
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    Where is this 2nd big major patch you speak of?
    It's on the alternative timeline.

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    proportion-wise, Lady Deathwhisper in early ICC, on one of our first attempts ever (before the 5% buff). She wiped us with only a couple hundred HP left - a small breeze would have knocked her over

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    Back in BC when my guild was learning Lurker in SSC we had a couple of weeks where our 25 man team all died except me on my Hunter and Sithel, Warrior tank and we got it down to 1% about 3 times in a row before wiping. As you can imagine we were all stunned we could get so close, in exactly the same way and not quite finish the damn fish off!
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    1.1% wipe 3 times on madness heroic was fun

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    Wiped on heroic Ultraxion on 0.3%. not even joking, biggest pain in the ass

    [19:29:11] [________]: LOL! We get up to Hagara, Some guy uses Have Group Will Travel. Next thing, Half the raid is fighting Malygos

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    Wotlk... Sindragosa 25 man hc. On a tank and i were left with me having 2k mana or smt. then the tank died, with sindragosa having 500k hp she was on 0,7% if i remember correctly.

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    This was not a 1% wipe but close enough.
    We have the race going for Realm first 25lvl guild with only 1 other guild.
    After 18 hours strait farming HC instances and 2x10 man runs on BWD and ToTFW with mains and alts.
    After getting ppl in trade to tank or heal in HCs.
    Finally we got lvl 25 no more then 2 mins after the other guild and we were standing in Orgrimar with the Scorpions together but we knew we got beaten badly.
    Then I didnt log for a week and slept like a baby for 1 day crying in my sleep.

    True story.

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    yes twin emperors for me too :/

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