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    How many attempts did it take you to do each heroic boss in siege?

    Our guild started doing heroics about 6 weeks weeks ago and so far its been looking like this

    imm - 7
    protectors - 6
    nuro - 3
    sha - 8
    galak - 2
    iron - 13
    shamans - 20
    naz - 2
    malk - 30
    spoils - just hit our 50th attempt and had a 4% wipe on the final boss of the second room on one side as our last attempt tonight

    So how long did you take to down each of these bosses?

    Our comp

    Blood Dk
    Prot War
    Disc priest
    ele shaman (resto os)
    ret pally
    fury war
    destro lock
    shadow priest
    BM hunter

    Did you find thok significantly harder than spoils? I mean we out gear it pretty heavily at this point and our dps is pretty high.
    Obviously I know the real challenge is the last three although I heard klaxxi is much easier on 10m than it is on 25m


    Got spoils down on Wednesday on our 54th attempt, and about 15 pulls into thok, which tbh is looking better than our first 15 on spoils
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    I don't really know the numbers of the first 8 bosses. Numbers were pretty low, for example we 1-shot Galakras and 2-shot Norushen.

    Malkorok: ~50
    Spoils: ~25
    Thok: 12
    Siegecrafter: ~80 (Got a lot easier after we started killing missiles)
    Paragon: Had about 25 attempts on them now and got to two paragons alive, should go down soon.

    This is all from 10 man.

    As you can see, we found Thok to be surprisingly easy. Siegecrafter was a big step up and really fun. Paragons doesn't seem to bad, and can't tell you anything about Garrosh yet.

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    I required everyone in my raid group to accumulate 50 normal mode kills on their characters (including alts) before starting on HM and so far most wipes has been 4 on Secrets. We will be starting Siegecrafter next week so, we'll see how that goes.

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    Everything has been about a 1-2 shot kill so far since i just started playing and joined up with the heroic raiding team but we hit a brick wall at siege at 80+ wipes now

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    GL that fight is a cunt
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    Started Heroics Week 1 IIRC, spent way too much time on Protectors and Immerseus due to bad strats and having like 540 average raid iLvl:

    Immerseus: Awful strat and people being mongs with stacks - 15-20 pulls IIRC
    Protectors: Had to 3-heal for progress, no real immunities outside of 1 hunter so 2nd Anguish was an absolute nightmare the first week - think we lost 2-3 people on it every pull and hit enrage until suddenly we didn't and actually killed it
    Norushen: 1-shot. Joke boss. Didn't get here until after hotfix tho.
    Sha: 35ish? We had a player that insisted on dying to Swelling Pride more often than not which meant we almost always died to attrition after Unleashed.
    Galakras: Height of retardation on the first night - we were literally wiping multiple times to people not interrupting Fracture. 15-20 pulls?
    Juggernaut: Too many to count. Even with 3 healers and chicken strat people had trouble staying alive because Borer Drill too stronk.
    Dark Shaman: 3rd tank was 528 iLvl prot paladin alt, think it took us maybe 10 pulls after people figured out how to not stand in the middle of the room downstairs and spawn storms in retarded places. Maybe 50 pulls.
    Nazgrim: 40 pulls or something because people were just being ultra bad and dying to every single mechanic.

    Had enough of monging around and carrying people and switched to current guild during Malk progress - they were at Siege when I joined so missed Malk, Spoils and Thok progress but apparently 40'ish wipes on Malk, 30ish on Spoils and like 150 on Thok.

    Siegecrafter: Almost 400 pulls. Absolutely fucking ass belt comp (only 1 hunter and we needed 3 people on a lot of belts, got there after CnD nerf to rogues. Had to send Ele and Chicken) and killing mines on belt was 100% mandatory so Empowered Laser + Magnet + Missile phase was just a nightmare.

    Paragons: 90 pulls or something and tbh we could have killed it faster if we didn't bring 3 melee and change our kill order a few times.

    Garrosh: Almost 400 pulls. Killed it the day after HP nerf (should have killed it the day before but we fucked up the Iron Star and then couldn't get back there) - this was before the flat buffs to ele and hunter and we had one of each, so especially first intermission and P3 were absolute cancer, never mind the fact that we had to replace half the roster between Paragons and Garrosh progress so communication wasn't exactly flawless until like the last 50 pulls.

    Edit: I should point out that the raid was sub-570 average iLvl until Garrosh progress, so I guess you could say we were undergeared, although tbh I'd lean more towards saying we were doing it in the intended gear.
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    when i joined my now heroic 14/14 guild we were working on heroic shamans. im guessing around 20-30 wipes for them
    naz - like 1 or 2
    malk - 10-20 depnding on who doesnt work
    spoils 10-20
    thok - 60+ we couldnt figure out a proper kiting pattern, were undergeard and had way too many melee
    siegecrafter - 100+ again were undergear'd / had glitches with the pipes / random disconnects and hunter issues with disengage.
    paragons - 20-30 paragons isnt really that difficult of a fight now, or even back then. plus we had a bunch of hunters and classes that could ignore aim
    garrosh 60+ mostly due to p1 intermission screw ups. and a few iffy parts near the end of phase 3. once we nailed p1 we got to p4 every time. then kiting the ironstar was a problem.

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    Only joined my teams progress when they were on Malkorok. Immerseus was problematic due to trying to cover the room on 10 Man and getting used to the fight, Norushen was 1/2 Shot. Same with Galakras (managed that with 25 Man Guild Raid with some from OpenRaid last week in three attempts). Nazgrim was about 4/5 Wipes.

    Killed Malkorok two/three weeks ago after about 50 pulls. Comp was fairly crap on early attempts due to lack of Ranged DPS (2) and lots of Melee DPS (3). Eventually we were able to get a third Ranged DPS and with 3 Healers that helped a lot. Also on the kill to help with puddle soaking I was in as a Third Tank which in short meant marking Arcing Smashes, gripping Adds in, soaking Melee pools and clearing Orbs during Blood Rage. Output was crap, but it died, so I was happy.

    Currently progressing on Spoils. Not been in every week, but I think currently it's around 16 or so. Had one attempt in the first week where we got to the Second Room, so fairly hopeful.
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    10 man: we finished heroic progression last week with our Garrosh kill an have 1500 wipes overall in SoO. Normal, Heroic and non progression wipes included.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didacticus Syntacticus View Post
    I required everyone in my raid group to accumulate 50 normal mode kills on their characters (including alts) before starting on HM and so far most wipes has been 4 on Secrets. We will be starting Siegecrafter next week so, we'll see how that goes.
    Thats an odd approach. I hear secrets is a tough boss :P

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    ~50 h paragons
    ~180 siege
    ~400 garrosh


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    It went pretty smooth for us (around 10 wipes max on Thok/Malkorok) until Spoils where we had ~50 wipes and then ~150 on Siege.
    Paragons went down in less than 15 and Garrosh 30 and counting.

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    the only thing I remember is something like 400 on Paragons 25

    I'm a washed up, has-been.

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    first 11 bosses - idk
    siegecrafter - 300
    klaxxi - 145
    garrosh - 204
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    25 man:

    Immerseus: 2
    Protectors: 9
    Norushen: 12 (We 1 shot it when we went to the zerg strat)
    Sha: 5

    Galakras: 4
    Iron Jugg: 6
    Shamans: 8
    Nazgrim: 2

    Malkorok: 38
    Spoils: 54
    Thokk: 37
    Siegecrafter: 127
    Paragons: 133 (About 40 were on BoP strat before it got hotfixed)
    Garrosh: 197

    108 total raid hours this tier.

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    all 25man, we just killed Garrosh on 10man

    first bosses : 100 pulls max for Thok and Spoils, idk others...
    Siege : ~180
    Klaxxi : ~496 -.-' it was a pain for all on 25 man, only 2 pulls on 10 man lol.
    Garrosh : ~150 25H, ~100 10H
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    Created a new 10 man HC Guild last week - first raid last night clashed with football so had lots of people afk'ing/leaving -.-

    But anyway -
    Immersus - 4 shot (healer went afk on pull for 2 fights)
    Protectors - 1 Shot (I know right?!)
    Norushen - 2 shot (LOL)
    Sha - 1 wipe and called early so people could go watch football

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    10 Man HC

    Immerseus ~ 10
    Protectors ~ 5-10
    Norushen : One Shot
    Sha : 8
    Galakras: 1
    Iron Juggernaut: 45
    Shamans ~ 5-10
    Nazgrim ~30
    Malkorok: 47
    Spoils ~15-20
    Thok: 54

    Thok is definitly harder than Spoils. Spoils is just DPS without much more to look at. Thok is all about CD Management, proper running path and not to many Melees.
    I must say I'm a bit afraid of Siegecrafter now...

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    Sub 30 for all bosses up to thok, 100 thok, 200 siegecrafter, 100 paragons, 300 garrosh
    Main: Monk

    Alt: Pally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellravager View Post
    Everything has been about a 1-2 shot kill so far since i just started playing and joined up with the heroic raiding team but we hit a brick wall at siege at 80+ wipes now

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    GL that fight is a cunt
    I haven't played in ages, but this was about right with us as well. Our Hardest one prior was Norushen the first time (don't ask) and Siege was a fuck all. After getting him, we sort of stopped playing (missing 2-3 pieces each week until there wasn't really a group left to speak of).

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    going off memory, so it's not 100% accurate but it's close enough. 25hc btw.

    Immers: 2
    Protectors: 13
    Norushen: 17
    Sha: 9
    Galakras: 4
    Juggernaut: 3
    shamans: 15~
    Nazgrim: 10
    Malkorok: 60~
    Spoils: 15~
    Thok: 29
    Siegecrafter: 101 (this is accurate since all the other bosses on our old guild site are gone)
    Paragons: 187 (probably like 20 if you don't count all the tries it bugged the fuck out, pun not intended)
    Garrosh: 217
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