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    I was looking through my imgur album and saw this. Not anything big, but it sucked none the less. Heroic ji-kun, I did the nests.


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    Had several over the years, but one really traumatic one was Lei Shen 25h, after just a handful of people managed to survive for the remaining 10% or so after the majority of the raid blew up because of a really nice thunder axe. I remember wanting to bite into my keyboard.

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    Garrosh 10N - 26,433HP. It was not progression, it was just an alt raid, but still, 26,433HP out of 161M in P1, 419M in P2 (+2*84M per intermission heals), and 84M in P3, so total of 832M HP. That is 0.0032% if my math is correct.

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    We were ahead of the competing guild on twin Emps by at least 50%, then got them all the way down to 1% and wiped and got over taken by them for Server First Kill. Luckily the same thing happened to them on C'thun and we get that Server First.
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    I can't remember which boss it was, but the boss had like 0,2% hp left and our hunter was alive alone. He decided to feign death.

    It would have been our first kill to that boss IIRC.

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    Cho'gal with 50,000 life which would have been our first kill. This week heroic Sha at 0%.
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    My raid team wiped on HC progression Thok at 0.6%

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    Sub-8 million on Blackfuse. ~0.4%.

    Added: It doesn't compare to Method but also had three sub-3% wipes on Sha of Fear, oh that feeling to watch 1632m reset to full.

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    I have 2, the worst was by far, was when we were doing Undying achievment when it was current content. and me and the other 2 healers Failed miserably on an Iceblock and a hunter died at 6%. We lost one of the best tanks our guild ever had over it he pretty much quit wow all together, and the hunter that died forever to this day still retains the title "The Dying" within our guild. We got it the next week, but I mean come on.

    The 2nd was General Vezaxx in Ulduar, we got him to sub 1% and then he healed back up to 10% and we wiped soon after. We never set foot back into Ulduar after that and I to this day have yet to kill the last 2 bosses in Ulduar.

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    So we have many low HP wipes in this expansion but for me worst is Blade Lord Ta'yak with 29,86k HP because i was last hope and i died in this duel
    First 20 sec from video Guardian vs. Bladelord (+-600k HP)
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    I've played since vanilla so I've seen my fair share of 1% wipes over the years.

    In Vanilla we wiped on 1% on Rag but it wasn't so bad since we knew we could kill the boss.

    I remember thinking we would wipe on Vaelestrasz but our ret paladin, the amazing Zingo, pulled off the last 1% in a bubble! At the time ret was a pretty strange spec, but noone ever questioned it after that!

    Had this recently - probably the most frustrating since literally any ability would have finished the job

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