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    Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    Hey, my guild was starting on the raid achivements to boost our epeen, and i was thinking of different setups for the different ones..

    Im stuck on patchwerk 3 min kill, as my group have tried in the past, and our best try we missed it with roughly 30 sec..

    So my question is:
    Can a holy paladin with decent gear keep the 2 tanks up himself with the beacon of light on the maintank, spaming holy light or w\e on the offtank? this would give us 7 dps and a very good shot on the timer

    If you got some nice tips on doing 4h in 5 sec, aswell id apreciate it. The one im aiming to use is splitting the raid up in 4 groups and dpsing them down slowly.. dunno if its the best one though.. Maybe rotate the raid around the 4, but alot of wasted time in running imo.
    Say what?

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    doable I would say. just macro everything for smooth casting
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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    It's doable, tho the tanks need to be aware of spikes and counter them. Also good if you have a off-healer that will assist on spiky situations.

    We will do it tonight, last time we had resto shaman doing dps giving us a timer of 3,02 bah! So today we will respecc him for the fight.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    It's a good idea, i'd be impressed if you did it.

    Patchwerk in 3 minutes haha that still seems unreachable to me :0

    But GL for it i'm sure you could pull it off as long as the healer was at the top of his game.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    Quote Originally Posted by ziggis
    the tanks need to be aware of spikes and counter them
    I'm a bit curious as to what kind of awareness of spikes you're referring to, and how exactly does one "counter" them as a tank.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    We've done this achievement with two healers without problem at all. Just take one tank and no melee.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    Quote Originally Posted by Holybomba
    We've done this achievement with two healers without problem at all. Just take one tank and no melee.
    this is easy doable with a normal 10m setup. just need ppl that know there class and have decent gear.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    Aye, I would say it's heavily dependent on your gear as well as the tanks.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    Its probably doable with a overly geared Paladin. Bringing a person who can throw offheals certainly wouldn't hurt. Enhance Shaman throwing Chain Heals with Maelstrom procs.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    I agree. We did Patch 10man under 3 min. (2:50ish, so we actually had time to spare) with our regular setup. That means two tanks, 2 healers.

    (Setup was: MT: Paladin / OT: Druid / Heal1: Paladin / Heal2: Shaman / DPS: 1 DK-Unholy, 1 Shaman-Enhance, 1 Paladin, 2 Shaman-Elemental, 1 Priest)

    When we did it I tried to give all the DPS that healing permitted (I am the Holy Paladin), standing close to PW, keeping Consecration up as much as possible and using as many Judgement/Exorcism/Holy Wrath/Holy Shock CDs as possible. It wasn't much and we would have probably beaten the timer anyways. But, the Resto-Shaman put out a little DPS as well (Searing Totem, some Lightning Bolts) - and the two healers DPS combined (albeit horribly low) made the difference.

    Anyway, I'd say Patch 10man is feasible with only 1 Holy Paladin healing both tanks als well if you absolutely need the 7th DPSer. I'd be up for the challenge, but I don't need to.

    Edit: The Paladin does not need to be "overgeared" - I'm far far away from having only "best in slot" equipment, it's just that Patch 10man is much too easy with an EH-equipped Paladin MT that get's hit for 6k max and a 46k HP Druid OT.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    I have done this easily in my 10 man and here is my gear and the gear of the two tanks. It should also be noted that mana wasnt an issue so im sure you could stand to have much worse gear and still pull it off depending on the gear of your tanks. Don't go without a replinishment buff though.



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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    It's definitely doable - not sure about a Holy Pally but I don't see why not. We had a Resto Shaman and Holy Pally healing a clear a few weeks ago. Tank pulls - Holy Pally d/c's before Patch is even across the slime canal. Shaman healed the whole thing - sub 3 min kill - with only a few heals tossed out by me (Enh Shaman just helping out a bit because the Shaman wasn't ready for it at all - in the sense that it was surprise). Overall just a great kill story.

    Very doable, and Pally's are great single target healers so you should be fine. GL and have fun!
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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    Its possible, however not just that easy you spam on one target. Beacon is not going throught overheal, so you have to react a bit. Thats all.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    I've only been to Naxx twice. From my experiences, I reckon a holy paladin could solo heal it.
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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    On your 2nd question, doing 4H within 15 seconds of the first dead Horsemen:

    Our group was:
    Tanks: DK and Paladin
    Healers: Shaman and Druid
    Melee DPS: Paladin, Shaman, Rogue
    Ranged DPS: Warlock, Hunter, Priest

    We split it up in four groups:

    Group 1 (Thane start): Paladin tank, Resto Shaman, Rogue
    Group 2 (Rivendare start): DK Tank, Ret Paladin (in healing gear), Enhance Shaman
    Group 3 (Blaumeux start): Hunter, Shadow Priest
    Group 4 (Zeliek start): Warlock, Resto Druid

    We had front switch left/right, back switch left/right just as the third marks came up for the front. DPS til the horsemen you're on is at 4%. We ended up having the enhance shaman run back to help kill the caster horsemen since one group was low on damage.

    Once they're all at 4%, enhance shaman ran to the center, popped heroism, all DPS popped cooldowns, all 4 horsemen died about 5 seconds after.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    We had 2 Pally healers on Patch last week, setup was Pally tank (MT), DK (Hateful tank) 2 Rogues, Hunter, Druid(Kitty), Ret Pally (Me) and a Lock and we pulled a 3min 37 sec.... wish we had our Shaman instead of the Lock :P We also never dipped, which helped on the DPS some.

    But ya I can see where it can be done with 1 healer, only thing though is he/she better be hot sh!t otherwise its fail.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    Dropping down to 1 healer is a bit drastic. I've beat the timer before and we even took a 3rd healer to gear up. Just take 5-6 capable dps doing around 3-4k dps.
    If you have the option take a pally MT and a Bear OT. the pally as unreal threat gen and a bear can out dodge the majority of his strikes.

    25man is a different story though, to beat the timer initially you will need as little healers as possible. to beat it we only took 4 healers.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    i have seen a pally solo heal patch. it was about 2 weeks after wotlk came out. our resto-shammy DCd about 10sec into the fight. a beacon of light, 7k hps, and 4.5min later patch was dead. needless to say, i added the pally to my friends list.

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    we --almost-- did this with the following group last night, we were 3 seconds off, on 10 man.

    Ikaruga - Rogue Mutilate <-- me
    Holybuster - Paladin Retribution
    Herbertoi - Warrior Fury
    Sethnakht - Warlock Affliction
    Yeucks - Mage Frostfire

    Gummzi - Paladin Holy
    Nariku - Shaman Restoration
    Kiarlie - Priest Holy

    Enrage - Warrior Protection
    Nasch - Warrior Protection

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    Re: Solo healing on Patchwerk 10man

    Just did it tonight, just having our shaman healer doing dps in his healing gear. Here is the report:

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