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    Cowtip - Health bar on walls / gates in Sota / WG?


    I'v come over a very nice addon named Cowtip to modify how to show tooltip.

    But I got a problem I can't come around, and hope maybe some1 here can help me out.

    When i have my mouse over a player for example I got a healthbar above the tooltip so I see his HP.
    But when I play sota and have mouse over a wall I can't see its HP...

    I have enabled "Health bar" in the options, and as soon as I disable it I get healthbar on walls in sota / WG but then I don't get healthbar on players...

    So any1 got a solution to this?


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    Re: Cowtip - Health bar on walls / gates in Sota / WG?


    i would love to help, but walls having health falls in the same category as pets having souls...

    (you can power word:shield a pet, thus it has a soul) http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=17

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    Re: Cowtip - Health bar on walls / gates in Sota / WG?

    Don't think of it as the wall having health... think of it as you're viewing the structural integrity of the construction. :>

    But, really, no way to help you, OP.
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