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    [Rogue] Read Before Posting & Index & GUIDES!

    Hey there, and welcome to the MMO-Champion Rogue forums.

    Forum Rules:
    Posting and you
    Forum Guidelines
    Points of Interests
    Get to know the rules here, following these simple steps will save both you and the moderators alot of trouble.

    Other Rogue Sources:

    Mutilate raiding guide on EJ
    Your basics for Mutilate raiding (cata guide), updates at: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/index...-the-mists-r87

    Combat raiding guide on EJ
    Your basics for Combat raiding

    Coldkil's Rogue PvE guide that covers all specs - updated for 5.0.4

    Tips/mechanics of MoP rogue raiding courtesy of EJ
    Your basics for raiding

    Shadowcraft "spreadsheet" yet again courtesy of EJ
    Work in progress, but still your best stop for keeping your rogue up to date for pve

    Arena Junkies
    Your one stop pvp resource site.

    Varios info on alot of things, twinking, pve, pvp

    GLORIOUS ROGUE FORUM THREADS that aren't stickied:

    Rank 8+ Brawler's Guild
    Combat & Rupture 5.4
    Rogue UIs (MoP Edition)

    If you feel anything is missing here, feel free to PM a mod.
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