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    SatrinaBuffFrame & Frost Aura

    Hi there.

    I am having a little problem with ignoring buff display using Satrina Buff Frame.

    Well actually it works fine, except for 1 buff which is the Deathknight Frost Aura, which isnt even listed in the Ignroe Options of SBF :S

    Anyone else having this problem?
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    Re: SatrinaBuffFrame & Frost Aura

    It shows up in mine just fine. "Spells" tab, between Frenzy and Frost Resistance.

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    Re: SatrinaBuffFrame & Frost Aura

    hmz thats weird, its definately not being listed for me :S
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    Re: SatrinaBuffFrame & Frost Aura

    Update SBF/SBF Options?
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