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    Simple ElvUI help

    Looking for a way to change the background color/transparency on the tooltop only. I lightened the background from ElvUI by General->Media-> Colors and this made the background of the tooltip to light.

    Thanks !

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    You cannot set the tooltips' color separately from everything else. By default, tooltips will always use the "Backdrop Faded Color". If you want the tooltips to use anything else than that, you need to edit the LUA.

    The easiest edit to make, is to make the tooltips instead use the "Backdrop Color".
    - Open the file \Interface\AddOns\ElvUI\modules\tooltip\tooltip.lua in a text editor.
    - Search for tt:SetTemplate("Transparent") and replace it with tt:SetTemplate("Default")

    If you really want a color that is different from anything else you need to do more edits, for example you can do some stuff in \Interface\AddOns\ElvUI\core\toolkit.lua. It gets slightly more compicated but if you'd want I can help you with it.

    Remember however that any changes you make in a LUA will be overwritten when you update ElvUI.
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