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    Single Column grid layouts

    does anyone know of a plugin for Grid that can make the raid frames be all in one column? I've been using GridConfigurableLayouts to achieve it, but it throws up a ton of errors and when people enter and leave the grp frequently it makes the game lag horribly. I'm aware though that I'm using a plugin with a lot of features and only using it for getting a single column. Alternatively if anyone knows a way to (easily) hack grid to do it that would be fine too.

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    I found the answer trawling threads from 2009 :-)

    For reference of anyone else who might want to do this, these are the steps:

    1) make a new addon folder called GridLayouts

    2) inside that folder create 2 files. GridLayouts.lua and GridLayouts.toc

    3) GridLayouts.toc goes something like this:

    ## Interface: 60000
    ## Title: GridLayouts
    ## Notes: Kait Custom Layout(s) for Grid

    ## Dependencies: Grid

    4) GridLayouts.lua goes something like this:

    local GridLayout = Grid:GetModule("GridLayout")

    GridLayout:AddLayout("Kait Single Column", {
    [1] = {
    groupFilter = "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8",
    groupBy = "CLASS",
    unitsPerColumn = 40,
    maxColumns = 1,
    Yes, I put hunters first!

    There's more info on how you can fiddle with it on this Curseforge thread. That thread is for Grid 2 but it all seems to work for Grid as well. I guess the core code is still the same.

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