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    TellMeWhen Group sorting order.

    Ok so I have a TMW set up for all my healing cooldowns.

    What it does is it is on the left hand side of my character. and as the icon with the highest duration is always on the far right and that doesnt move and as then when my Guardian expires that icon dissapears, then holy avenger goes, then Avenging Wrath and then Divine Favor.

    What I want is to invert the order so it is Shortest Duration closest to my character so what would be Guardian of Ancient Kings. I could set the duration under icon sorting to high and that works. Sort of. What happens is Guardian is the first to go and as they all tick off it moves further away from my character which I dont want.

    I want the sorting order of the 2nd image but with the positioning of the first. And I don't know how to do that.

    EDIT: Essentiall what I want is this.

    When Guardian Ticks off all the icons move one to the right, so Holy Avenger takes Guardians place etc. I want them to all move one icon to the right etc till Divine Favor is where Guardian of Ancient kings is.
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    Change the group's growth direction to 'left then down'
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