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    Arkinventory with no Border or Background, modded by Aurora for the transparancy. (Could probably work with Skinner)
    Hmm, I'll try that.
    LynUII'm a mess of unfinished thoughts

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    I've been thinking about changing it on Tuesday for I'm growing kind of tired of it, but haven't got any idea on what I want to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tordenflesk View Post
    what addons are you using?

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    ColdUI is now out for 5.0.4! Go get it if you want

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liax View Post
    It's a Raid cooldown thing Affiniti made, lemme find the link.

    There are some bugs with it. For instance, reloading UI resets all CDs and considers them off CD, when they actually aren't. Other than that it pretty much works as intended.
    that link doesnt work.

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    Top left is the DPS meter and Chat is bottom left.

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    LynUII'm a mess of unfinished thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyn View Post
    Two thumbs up!
    (but get rid of the Skada title bar!)

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    Any working boss health raplacement? Possibly compatible with pitbull?
    And any cooldowns watcher to track mana tides and innervates and CR used?

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quse View Post
    Two thumbs up!
    (but get rid of the Skada title bar!)
    It's Recount! It was easier to skin, haha. Need another Damagemeter
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daninkai View Post
    what addons are you using?
    Unit Frames: Pitbull4
    Bars: Bartender + Masque
    Castbar: AZCastbar
    Buffs, cooldowns etc: Raven
    Questlog: SorhaQuestLog
    Chat: Chatter
    Nameplates: mNameplates
    Combat-text: XCT+
    Threat/DPS: Skada
    DataBroker: Dockingstation
    Brokers: iGuild, CurrencyFlow, Whistle, BugSack, Broker:XPBar, CombatTime, Broker: TimeToLive, Skada, ZZ_InfoClock, iQueue and Volumizer.
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    Since it's a long time form the last screenshot, here's the 5.0.4 ColdUI


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    Let me know what you think about layout / texts / nitpicks / anything.

    Might drop ElvUI altogether as I am sort of well-versed in configurating "normal" addons, just looking for an effective, good-looking style, flow and feel of my UI.
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    That is a really nicely made UI Metaphoric, wouldn't mind trying it if you would upload it somewhere perhaps

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    It's looks sweet Meta. I like the look of your debuff/proc timers, aswell as the auras in the top right.
    Not to be a hater, but I generally dislike the TuK style of things
    I would shift the layout somewhat, and cut off some parts, but it's a clean UI and I hope it works well!

    *edit* Might be ELV? I can never tell those two apart.
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    I knew I should have planned ahead and sorted my UI for 5.0.4. I'm now having a bad time. :')
    Looking forward to seeing any other minimal UIs which I can use as 'inspiration' for my own. I like QuseUI but it doesn't seem to work properly for me :\

    (Waiting on you Carebear! Haha)
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    I thought Carebear doesn't play anymore?
    LynUII'm a mess of unfinished thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyn View Post
    I thought Carebear doesn't play anymore?
    It was my feeble attempt to make him purchase some game-time and make a UI

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    I'm still changing it/fixing things.
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