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Thread: Post Your UI

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    Re: Post Your UI

    My new UI, now with a download \o/

    Downloadlink and further information --->http://www.wowinterface.com/download...I0.9.html#info

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    Re: Post Your UI

    This will always be a WIP :P




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    Re: Post Your UI

    So, almost done, still needs additional tweaks.

    [img width=400]http://i568.photobucket.com/albums/ss125/pHishr-/WoWScrnShot_052409_223645.jpg[/img]


    edit: It will be uploaded when it's done! :>

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    (No thumbnail)

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Neeklus
    I'm noticing a lot of people seperating their buttons, frames, chatwindows and other things like recount/omen from the screen within a black bar. What is used to create this seperate window?

    Oh and I'm struggling to configure Ora2 so that I get the tanks bars and there targets up in the corner of the screen (similiar to derevka's setup). Any help?

    Here is my own, btw.

    kgPanels or eePanels combined with a viewport mod like CBH viewport or Aperture.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Working on something new...




    Gonna post a raidcombatshot later on where you can see the Player and Targetdebuff-placement which is actually above the castbar. Hope the links are correct
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    Re: Post Your UI

    I tried to make an UI with no action bars at all since I have everything binded etc. However it would appear I'm just not the type for that thing so after an hour or two of thinking, experimenting, watching other UIs etc. I came up with this:


    Quite happy with it.
    You may now kiss the ring.

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Pretty much sorted..

    a few little tweaks needed, but I always keep forgetting, so whilst I remembered I thought I would


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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by DirkyD
    Pretty much sorted..

    a few little tweaks needed, but I always keep forgetting, so whilst I remembered I thought I would

    Oh my god Q_Q

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    I've only really just dinged 80 and haven't played a healer before but this is what I'm running with right now. All bars are hidden and only CD abilities are shown (a hell of a lot of keybinds for all those totems!). Ignore guild chat

    Grid isn't exactly how I want it yet, let me know if there's anything I can improve to help with healing
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    Re: Post Your UI

    My WIP.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Created from scratch yesterday.

    In Combat

    Out of Combat, casting

    Edit: broken links.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Alrighty, verticals revisited!

    stalking some lock in Shat

    keepin those terrokar pups in line!

    The more I use these frames, the more I begin to enjoy them.

    As always, c/c is most welcomed


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    Re: Post Your UI



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    Re: Post Your UI

    I pretty much built this myself so it may not suit you...but i kinda like it.
    The most updated version, but not in combat = http://img154.imageshack.us/img154/6...0909142107.jpg
    The Next most Updated But in Combat and casting (sunwell, but still) = http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/6...1209155415.jpg
    I also like the Excess Raiding UI on World Of Raids...I am currently building a UI based on it
    Let me know if you like it

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    Re: Post Your UI


    Just kgPanels, STUF Unit Frames and Chinchilla so far.

    Thought and comments...

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    Thanks Caiti for the Signature and Avatar

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    [img width=400]http://i40.tinypic.com/kegfmv.jpg[/img]

    [img width=400]http://i40.tinypic.com/246kmqr.jpg[/img]

    Just recently made up this UI, first is in raid, 2nd is solo showing target/target of target
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