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    question disco priest gear

    Guys hello just wondering whah better to stack on disc priest you think? Get all items with spirit or items where possible with haste or mp5?
    just as i remember 4 previous seasons was mp5 season not spirit.

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    Re: question disco priest gear


    About 40% crit

    Mp5>Intellect (with replenish)>Spirit

    I believe those are the basics for a disc priest. Spirit still helps but not as much as mp5 does for disc.
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    Re: question disco priest gear

    oh and one thing i mtalking about pvp, crit u sure? Never got that on mine priest))

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    Re: question disco priest gear

    Quote Originally Posted by antifreeze
    oh and one thing i mtalking about pvp, crit u sure? Never got that on mine priest))
    Divine Aegis is a pretty powerful talent and requires critical strike heals to fire it off, and pretty much all single target heal builds benefit greatly from critical heals.

    Of course since you are talking main about pvp, stamina and resilience would come in ahead of your healing stats assuming you weren't gimping them to much.
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    Re: question disco priest gear

    Quote Originally Posted by Komedi
    really this is it in a nutshell. If you go deep Disc, you should not value Spirit highly at all, as its only value for you is the direct conversion to regen through Meditation. Without Spiritual Guidance and Spirit of Redemption, it is much less valuable than to a holy-spec priest. Argument could be made for gearing like a paladin, valuing Mp5, crit, and haste much higher than spirit.
    [color=teal]First off, Discipline gets 5% spirit from Enlightenment, but that's not my point. My point is that it's general consensus that Spirit's still terrible for us.

    Gear priorities are:[*]Spellpower: Directly increases your shield's value, as well as Penance and anything else you throw, and is the easiest way to increase Rapture gains[*]Intellect: With 15% bonus (and 10% with Kings after that) This is almost point for point to crit rating with Kings, but not only do we get Crit, we also get improved gains from Rapture, Replenishment, Hymn of Hoplessness (lol) and ontop of that (if applicable) Arcane Torrent or Mana Tide.[*]Crit Rating: More crits, means more Aegis, means more mitigation, means more rapture, you do your job better.[*]Mp5: This is more of an afterthought, it'll help keep you up longer when you stray from your normal spells (i.e. Renew, PoH or HN, every once in awhile a Greater). These situations do happen, and Mp5 is nice to gear for, but not a top priority. The majority of our spells (through rapture) make us self-sustainable.[*]Haste: Having your heals get sniped by a Holy Paladin is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Without Rapture, we fall through the floor in efficiency, whereas their crits are all that need to happen to get 60% mana back.[*]Stamina: Don't die.[*]Spirit: There's a definite reason this is on the bottom of the list. We never, EVER, break the 5-second rule. We aren't intended to be. Point for point, there are better gains EVERYWHERE (even stamina) that will make us better at our job than Spirit ever will. You could say that it increases Meditation, but so does Int at a remarkable rate I should say. Treat Spirit like Hit. If it's on there, treat it as a relatively zero value, as it does almost nothing for you.
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    Re: question disco priest gear

    He's talking about pvp.

    You want Spirit Main, Hit Off-set, with maximizing resil in sockets, while maintainting ATLEAST 106 hit, shooting for closer to 162.

    Also want 109 Spell pen, 35 to cloak + deadly wand and off-hand.

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    Re: question disco priest gear


    Take a look at this guy. Basically, no, you don't need crit for pvp. Divine Aegis isn't something you can rely on there.

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    Re: question disco priest gear

    crit for pvp dis priest is good.. but we need manaregen a bit more than it.
    The current pvp gear has or spirit, or haste, or crit on it. The choice is obvios - you take the one with spirit.
    It is not the best pvp stat - mp5s would be better to a priest due to the fact that we rarely get out of 5 sec rule in arena and the stat value of spirit is higher then mp5s so pure fight-manaregen is lower.
    But there is no choice.
    You need hit also and spell penetration.

    And surely you may think about all that after you can survive the first nuke. If not - you don't care about any other stat exept sta and resi. Just because that is the only stats that will let you use you abilities at all.

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    Re: question disco priest gear

    well, if you are a disco priest, you will definitely need a disco ball

    but i would go with daez thing for stat imho
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    Re: question disco priest gear

    thx guys helped really so i even wanna start pve now)

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    Re: question disco priest gear

    With full pvp gear available now, you can have like 8% crit. It's stupid to go for crit for pvp priest since you sacrifice other, more valuable stats.

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    Re: question disco priest gear

    Stam and Resil for pvp
    no1 cares how much SP or MP5 you have if you get solo'ed by dps...

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    Re: question disco priest gear

    I like how people see Disc in the thread title then immediately go spouting off about PvE w/o reading the OP's orignal post at all.

    Stam/Resil for pvp, once you can survive a cheap shot -> kidney shot combo then you work on your Hit/spell pen/spell power.

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