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    Ulduar Bosses

    In no particular order:

    1 Algalon
    2 Auriaya
    3 Freya
    4 General Vezax
    5 Hodir
    6 Ignis
    7 Kologarn
    8 Mimiron
    9 Razorscale
    10 The Flame Leviathan
    11 The Iron Council
    12 Thorim
    13 XT002 Deconstructor
    14 Yogg-Saron

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    Re: Ulduar Bosses

    Already been posted, yesterday.
    Somewhere in there :;boardseen#new

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    Re: Ulduar Bosses

    The flame leviathan is #1 for sure. Was posted by one of the blue dudes.

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    Re: Ulduar Bosses

    And at, too. Third post down.... Yesterday. =/
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