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    T8 set bonus


    * Priest T8 Shadow 2P Bonus -- Increases the damage done by your Devouring Plague by 15%.
    * Priest T8 Shadow 4P Bonus -- Your Mind Blast also grants you 15 haste rating for until cancelled.
    * Priest T8 Healer 2P Bonus -- Increases the critical heal chance of your Prayer of Healing by 10%.
    * Priest T8 Healer 4P Bonus -- Casting Power Word: Shield also grants you 15 spell power for until cancelled.

    2 piece are okay, but what's this sh*t on the 15 haste and 15 spellpower about? are they place holders? i don't understand.

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    yeah, i think i must have missed something here too.....

    they promised SP's a decent 4 piece, and said we should be excited about it....

    i fail to see whats exciting about 15 haste... even if that stacks its gonna be 1/2 minutes before u even notice a change.... ???

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    I like the 2pc. It's a nice scalable bonus.
    The 4pc absolutely has to be a place holder. If i'm running 484 haste rating in boss gear now, in Ulduar gear it may be even higher yet. 15 haste rating is ludicrous.

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    i think it must be a place holder too

    unless maybe it stacks 20 times or something... but surely it would say that on it? wierd stuff

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    Quote Originally Posted by Flyingmoo
    Yeah its either a Typo, or it stacks. And if it does stack, its awesome, a 3 minute patch kill for example, you would have another 450+ haste by the end
    sarcasm right?

    yeah, by the end of the fight u would have that much haste, but for 2 3rds of the fight its completly pointless.... and what about fights where there are big breaks in dps?

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    I think its fairly unlikely that the "until cancelled" is correct, considering

    1: then you could cast mind blast 1000 times over a day and go generally nutso afterwards... thats a potentially infinite amount of haste... it doesn't work;

    2: "for until cancelled" is gramatically wrong. It's a placeholder.

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    If that stacks, thats a nice set bonus. If not, im sure thats a place holder. 15 haste wouldnt even be a good lvl 60 set bonus.

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    PW:S?! ARE YOU F'ing kidding?!

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    they should seriously make a discipline set separately, the PW:S's clearly aimed for discipline, they are messing this up. btw just read the 4P bonus on the other classes, just made me cry more.

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    Priests oviously have the worst of all.

    I'm not even sure what ''for untill cancelled'' means.

    Crossing fingers it's a typo.

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    My guess is "for until cancelled" means that it will stack. Maybe 10 stacks? That seems like a nice set bonus. 150 haste ~ 5% (slightly less). Not a bad set bonus if that is the case.

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    oh my priest!!!!!!!!!!!!! >

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    Quote Originally Posted by Xelaeno
    they should seriously make a discipline set separately, the PW:S's clearly aimed for discipline, they are messing this up. btw just read the 4P bonus on the other classes, just made me cry more.
    [color=teal]They've explicitly said they don't want to do a Discipline set; we may see some set bonuses but they won't give us our own.

    Although now that we may have to look at outside regeneration sources (see: Spirit) looks like this just might be what we're lumped into.

    I remember blueposts saying they were looking at Renew and Spirit for Discipline, and trying to find ways to make them attractive to us (even so much as promising "Not a nerf!"). Well, they did for Renew, except in the wrong tree...
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    Re: T8 set bonus

    Those healing set bonuses are truly unbelievably bad. SIGH

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    Maybe Blizz will add prayer of mending to the 4pc healing bonus.

    That would eventually grant around 150sp after ~a minute. Which would be similar to the effect of the shadow effect, granting 150 haste after ~a minute. The cooldowns on mind blast, pw:s, and pom are about the same. I could see something like that being effective set bonuses. What do you guys think?

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    The 4-piece bonuses have to be placeholders. For one, you KNOW they wouldn't let them stack infinitely. I'd just go shield tanks all day before the boss, then end up at some 2600 spellpower. As a discipline priest, it's what I do anyway.

    Also, shadow + haste? That does really seem like a jip. Haste isn't as good for shadow as crit buffs would be, like the T7 4-piece bonus.

    Now, this could mean one of two things. One, they keep the bonus but chage the way the effects work. Either by adding a set amount of times it can stack (1.e. 20), increasing the amount (i.e. 150), or increasing the amount and adding a cooldown (i.e. 150 over 20 seconds). As you can see, each option does get a little progressively worse. Or two, they scrap them and make something else.

    The thing I'm disappointed about is that, yet again, we get a set bonus centered around Prayer of Healing. Shouldn't we be done with these? Tier 4 had one, Tier 6 had one. I guess it's the "evens set bonus" or something, but we have so many other spells at our disposal. I wish Blizzard would get back to set bonuses like these.

    ( 3 ) Set: Restores 20 mana per 5 sec.
    ( 5 ) Set: When struck in melee there is a 50% chance you will Fade for 4 sec.
    ( 8 ) Set: Your Greater Heals now have a heal over time component equivalent to a rank 5 Renew.

    That was Tier 2. No set's even come remotely close to that powerhouse of set bonuses. Or, this.

    2: Reduces the mana cost of your Renew spell by 12%.
    4: On Greater Heal critical hits, your target will gain Armor of Faith, absorbing up to 500 damage.
    6: Reduces the threat from your healing spells.
    8: Each spell you cast can trigger an Epiphany, increasing your mana regeneration by 24 for 30 sec.

    Tier 3. Ah, the days when set bonuses were not only different, but actually original. And who says there's no reason to be nostalgic about vanilla.
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    Re: T8 set bonus

    so our T7 set bonuses sucked ass. and our T8 are also going to suck ass? great

    it's just not fair, cause mage T7 bonuses are sweet, and the T8 ones look sweet too

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    Both sets contain typo's and place holders and shouldn't be thought of as final values.

    But my current opinion on both sets is:


    - 2p: Awesome, definitive a good bonus that have proper longevity to it, opposite the Tier 7 bonuses. It'll be great to combine with the reduced Mind Blast cost from 2p T7 if we get mana trouble again.

    - 4p: Clearly a placeholder value, but a slight haste buff after each Mind Blast is very welcome as we in 99% of our casts cast something with a cast-time after a Mind Blast.


    - 2p: I find it quite odd the expect priests to use Prayer of Healing. Everybody who done their homework know that you either get Circle of Healing, or let a Paladin / Druid or Shaman do the AoE healing. Beacon of Light already proves to be much more efficient than PoH.

    - 4p: Again, clearly a place holder, but with a changed rage-generation while being shielded I could easily see priests using shield A LOT more, even as deep holy. But again, I have my doubts to how efficient a temporary spellpower bonus can be as a healer, since damage don't necessary agree with you in terms of procs.

    And with a increased mana pressure in Ulduar, I would expect alot of healers to rather combine 2p T7 with the new gear (More PoM jumps.)

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    Re: T8 set bonus

    You will be using PoM in Ulduar. Hence the 10% crit bonus. You absolutely need it as extra intelligent healing on trash.
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    Re: T8 set bonus

    Quote Originally Posted by FurioRing
    You will be using PoM in Ulduar. Hence the 10% crit bonus. You absolutely need it as extra intelligent healing on trash.
    It's 10% crit to Prayer of HEALING, not Prayer of MENDING.

    And if you meant PoH then I'd say it's very doubthfull.

    Since I'd leave that type of healing to the 3 other healing classes, and let priests utilize PoM, Renew, Shield, CoH or Penance / Divine Aegis rather than spamming a slow useless ability like PoH.

    Even talented and with 10% extra crit, it would hardly ever be doing proper Hp5, intelligent healing or not. If it were, then why would we have CoH.

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