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Thread: Hmm Facemelt...

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    Hmm Facemelt...

    1-2 days ago I went for shadow with my priest alt. Well, for my whole WoW playing time my dps side is not the best thing i have. But I found shadow priest easy to play especially with the help of facemelter :P So I enjoyed it, but having 2/5 of healing gear (even tier) didn't stop me. Did 3.8k dps with full raid buffs yesterday (on sarth with no drakes up + it was a pug:P). Well since i am really not the expert of this facemelt spec so I want some advice from more experienced ones. Think my priority is ok, i have no problem to keep my dots up and use mind blast and SWD every CD, i pass VE sometimes but that's not a quite big problem imo. Here is my armory also. Please avoid the tier healing gear, i tried to alter them as far as I can. I also know that i am at least way below 5-6% of hitcap. What I want to know is, am I in the right way with enchants and gems even trinkets and crit rating.

    Thanks for your comments.

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    Re: Hmm Facemelt...

    You didn't link your wowarmory. ???

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    Re: Hmm Facemelt...

    Quote Originally Posted by heriana
    You didn't link your wowarmory. ???
    Quote Originally Posted by cappytoi
    Here is my armory also.
    Look again.

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    Re: Hmm Facemelt...

    Shadow Priests is the currently easiest to learn, hardest to master class/talent setup.

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    Re: Hmm Facemelt...

    3.8k DPS is good enough (:

    Things you need to look out for while DPS'ing:
    - Until you reach a high gear level, SWD is a DPS increase. After that it will reduce your DPS.
    - Keep DoTs up at all times. Start casting Vampiric Touch when it has 1.5 sec left (before haste).
    - SW:P needs to be applied AFTER percentage modifiers. No point when you have a hard spelldamage increase from a proc, but stuff like shadow weaving and other temporary percentage increases, should be used to refresh it.
    - Mind Blast every CD. SWD every CD too if your gear isn't super awesome. If there's 1-2sec left on Mind Blast CD, use Mind Flay and spam your Mind Blast button. This will clip mind flay after one tick (1.5sec = GCD).

    For information regarding gear, I suggest you look at http://www.shadowpriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=16992

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    Re: Hmm Facemelt...

    Quote Originally Posted by Aureact
    Mind Blast CD, use Mind Flay and spam your Mind Blast button. This will clip mind flay after one tick (1.5sec = GCD).
    Never clip MF after 1 tick... clip it after 2 ticks, you have already waited 0.5sec doing no damage, might as well wait another 0.5sec and get 1 more tick.

    In addition, try to use SW where it makes up perfect MB CDs... ie. VT refresh, MF, SW = 1 MB CD exactly. If you SW, MF, MF, you delay MB by 1.5sec (ignoring haste).

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    Re: Hmm Facemelt...

    Thanks for your advices and provided link

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