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    Re: Which class will we always beat?

    Quote Originally Posted by drf691
    Me (SP) + my bro (Disp) = win - - never hide - - go balls to the wall and smoke them all....you would know this if you weren't a noob
    You talk about skills in BG's? Thats where people go when they just want to get honor. So they put an angry dog in a tiny cage with the keyboard, so that they dont go afk, while they go watch family guy and harvest honor points.

    Bravo for killing dogs in BG's.

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    Re: Which class will we always beat?

    the best skill measuring bg - AV !!

    gogo ranged class hide behind sth and spam till mana end (elem sham killin blows ninja ftw)


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    Re: Which class will we always beat?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti
    Because Battlegrounds are all about skill amirite?
    Quote Originally Posted by drf691
    Yes. It is about knowing the abilities and charateristics of the opponents you are facing, being able to counter, deter, or destroy your opponent. When you know these the rest becomes easy.
    BG's are about melee killing other melee, casters killing melee and other casters, and healers standing around without worry of being attacked because they're hitting anyone.

    God I hate BG's and the scrubs that play in them

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