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    What font is that Calilia?

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    Simple tanking UI that isn't so minimalistic that it lacks necessary functions, but not too cluttered that you can't see a thing during raids. Action bars are, for the most part, hidden away as I have pretty much everything keybound, however there is plenty of space for action bars instead of having 2 active visible chat windows.

    Out of combat - bare bones.

    In a raid (doesn't show cast bars, but they're between the player frame and target frame with same style as other visible bars.

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    New version of my UI. The color theme still sticks with the old UI, but after training myself to play barless i decided to try and max screen space as much as possible.

    A note about the castbar texture and font, i noticed this after the screenshot, they now match the UI correctly.

    Also, the space between scorchio and my target bar is where the ToT and target cast bar appear. They aren't visible because well, its a target dummy.

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    WIP - Very Random Experimental UI

    [img width=400][/img]

    The 4 buttons at the bottom right side are only there because I use the same UI for my Shaman and that is where the TotemTimers go. Thinking about removing it completely for the DK, though.

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    Visible addons:
    Buttonfacade: Caith
    Me sorry. Not do bad again, honest. :<

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    This was my interface, but few days ago my pitbull crashed so i downloaded an updated version of pitbull in the new caith ui. But the new cyan shaman skin is terrible, so i will change it to AG unitframes.

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    [img width=400][/img]

    Its my recently updated UI for lock on 25m raid. The emty boxes next to pet and target are for pet's target and tar's tar's target.

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    That's my newest UI (like 2 days old) so, I don't have a SS of the raidframes yet. Visible addons are:


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    Irisia's UI 2 Modified
    Thank you Adnan and Calilia for this wonderful UI, I <3 you'll.

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    Re: Post Your UI



    Visable Addons:
    Satrinas Buff Frames
    Fontifier w/ AvantGarde Font
    Grid w/ GridManaBars
    ButtonFacade w/ Caith
    Scrolling Combat Text

    Influenced by elements from Ciderhelm's UI, and Ryas UI

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    Here is my current wip.

    I'm a fan of minimalistic and simple UI, memory and CPU efficient.
    This UI takes under 6megs fully loaded with damage meter enabled, about 7megs in raid.
    Most of the addons in this compilation have been tweaked a way or another to fit my taste, thanks for the original authors for the amazing work.


    PS: This UI is more oriented toward healers, but I play a few DPS classes with it.

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    [img width=400][/img]
    Here is my UI in a raid with all the visible addons pointed out (only one that you can't see is BaudBag)

    [img width=400][/img]
    Here is my UI out of combat/without all the crap on it :P

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    People asked for it so... new screenshot time ;D

    Still a WIP (I know I'm slow on this one)

    Hope you like it.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Early WIP, only worked on unit frames and action bars. Some things like buffs, chat and minimap needs tweaking aswell.


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    I am remaking my UI-s after 3-4 weeks, cos i never can get enuf good ui
    and there is lots of things what i need to improve i kno, btw my current is:


    Visable Addons:
    Cryolysis 3

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    Re: Post Your UI

    I use opie for all my attacks which is why you dont see them on my action bars and my debuffs show up the the lower right hand side of the screen which looks like an empty black space other than my SLDT.
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