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    [img width=400][/img]

    I have made it a bit better with no open spaces in my action bars less bars and skills out, but cant get a ss of that atm because im at school, which have crap network that blocks out wow -.-

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    My UI that I've been working on for quite some time, I'll post a Youtube clip since that's often better than just a screenie, the clip got no audio, since I thought it wasen't needed, also all addons are in the Youtube link if anyone wanna know, but if anyone want the UI pack just give me a PM and I'll send it aswell..

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    Here is a little sumthin sumthin I have been working on to get the Ui juices flowing again. It may or may not make it into the compilation upload, dunno yet.



    Ps. I am pretty much hating the font the more I look at it so that will be changing lol.

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    1) Not the right place to ask that question - there's an "Ask It! - Interface and Macros Edition" thread just for that.
    2) There's many ways to do it. Fontifier, Tekticles, ClearFont, or the old-fashioned Font Replacement method.
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    Re: Post Your UI


    Before people start asking, I got the Art work from

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    Here is a picture of my UI:

    [img width=400][/img]

    To see my UI in action you can check out this video:

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    Nurfed2 galore.

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    New updated version in combat, feedback on what i could get/change would be nice.
    I know the acitonbars look messy but its the layout im used to.

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    out of:

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    As you can probably see, it's a ripoff of Kripparian's UI. Though I built it from scratch.

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    Still WIP, loosely based around various UIs. DBM setup taken from Nauril (I think) well, styled from.
    Think I'm going to mimic the DBM setup across NTK as well, though I'm having trouble scaling the Icons (not shown in the screeny) independently of the timer bars.. any help with that would be appreciated.

    1pix border on SCD seems to be out of line.. must fix that!

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    self made, some textures are from roth.

    most addons that are used are written on the screenshot.

    I realy like the hide/show feature of pallypower. Very usefull in raids, i spend a while figuring it out what frame it was to show/hide.
    And yes i skinned my pallypower ;D

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    working on my pitbull, what do you thing? maybe i went too far?

    when hp is full % disappears from health bar and total hp and mana appears when you hover the health bar. :E

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    Re: Post Your UI

    It's two weeks old. Kinda proud on it, as I made it myself ^^.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasje

    Sheez, nice to see people still using my interface and crediting themself's^^
    Hehe, ye seen quite a few people doing it!

    On another note, this is my UI:

    These are kinda old, they are taken before I took my study leave from wow :P
    PS: it was a pug

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    So here's a Diablo3 based UI theme, all credits goes to "RothUI" for this UI.

    The only downside with this UI is that you'll notice you won't see your keybindings on the abilities. You'll think for yourself "meh, I know the keybinds anyway". The hard thing is when playing a new character and you forget a key-bind.
    Then you have to open menu, key-bindings and scroll down to see which one it was, well that's if you have as complicated key-binds as I do, not even in order.

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    I died shortly after this SS lol

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