Thread: WeakAuras dead?

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    WeakAuras dead?

    I ben spending the last 3h trying to get my warr Auras to work. gave up affter trying to reinstal WA 2-5 times adding all the new strings and noting is happening. its like it resets it self. to when you just instaled it and you cant add anytying.

    Sorry for the pore english trying to find out the prob

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    Have you tried deleting your Weakauras.lua in your WTF > Acc > SavedVariables? That will completely reset it to a point like you never had the addon.

    If you recently imported or made a new aura and then your auras stopped working you need to find that aura in the .lua and delete it to restore weakauras to a working state.

    Make sure you always have a backup incase shit like this happens. Weakauras is known to sometimes do this to people.

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    I come on here to make a thread myself, all of my auras are just gone as of last night. I can load the add-on, but there isn't a single saved string anywhere, nor can I import them.
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