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    Anyone know what this tiny box is?


    from left to right, Focus Target - Player - Target - Target's Target

    What's that tiny box above the Focus/player and target box? Been trying to hide it for a while now, can't find what it is.

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    uuuuh.... what box?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arafal123 View Post
    uuuuh.... what box?
    I think those dark grey boxes above all but the last nameplate.
    I use the default UI so if those are from an addon, you may need to poke around the addon settings.

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    Looks like the shard display I would expect on a warlock when using Pitbull4 as the unit frames, which by appearance I assume that is.
    See if you can turn off whatever they are calling that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrair View Post

    What's that tiny box above the Focus/player and target box? Been trying to hide it for a while now, can't find what it is.
    When using anything other than default UI, it's a really really good idea to mention which addon you are using that it could possibly be related to, it makes it soooo much easier to help.
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    forgot to include the addon lol, my bad.

    Yea its pitbull 4, i cant find the settings to turn it off.

    it only appears for my mage, not my warrior though. Tried power/health, it's not those either.
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    im pretty sure it for the mage ability, which name i forgot ofc. the power circle you put on the ground, its a timer for that afaik.

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    Try '/fstack' and hover over the box, usually addon author add names to their frames telling what that frame is for.

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    Oh wow i feel so stupid, i right clicked it and got an error "This action is only available to the Blizzard UI", told me to disable and reloadui, i clicked Disable, it auto reloaded the UI and it's gone.

    For anyone else wondering, it's called Pitbull_Totem.

    To the above posters, yea it tracks the Rune of Power. And fstack is interesting, never heard of that command, super useful to know.


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