Yesterday I noticed that WoW would freeze up for about 3-5 sec's when raiding. During this time I cant do anything and then I just "pop" back into playing if that makes sense. It happened a few times but I relogged and it seemed to have gone away. Today I log on for raid and it was much worse. My fps stays right around 60, the MS starts out at the normal 50+ and then when the lag spikes start it gets in to the 300's.

I went and go a new modem today and has speed test run at my end and through my provider. On there end they actually improved my download and upload speed. Same results that I am showing. I tried some of the fixes from the WOW site but that has not seemed to work. My guild suggested I run a trace route but I am not sure how to read the results. Anyone have an experience like this? Also if I do run the trace route I just use my servers IP address correct?

- - - Updated - - -

Just did a BG for example. Sitting at 8 fps and 48 ms, just random lag spikes in which people are running in place for 3-5 secs and then up to 150-300 ms and then back down. This is driving me crazy.