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    Weakaura for tracking party interrupts


    I'm using this Weakaura: https://wago.io/BJq6hbsDZ/1

    It's working fine except for warlock interrupts.
    I changed it to work with spellid's, but that didn't help.

    I think it has got something to do with it being cast by a pet, but I don't know what I need to do for it to work.

    I already checked for incorrect spellid's via /combatlog ingame, but it seems 171138 is the correct one for Doomguard and 19647 for Felhunter.

    Is there something I forgot?
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    The WA you posted doesn't work with warlock interrupts as well

    Although I like it more

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    hm was in m+ on yesterday with 2 warlocks and is tracks ...

    maybe change the spellid or add new on actions..

    edit: hm see all 3 id´s
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