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    Cool New addon - Raid Spy

    Hey all, I just dropped by to tell you about an addon that I made, called Raid Spy.

    I made the addon because I got sick of manually armorying people in my group, especially when trying to get a PuG together. I wanted basic information about the people I was playing with without having to look them up myself, and without needing to inspect them.

    So what Raid Spy does is automatically keep track of that information in your browser, so you only need to glance at your second monitor to get info on your group members (or I guess alt-tab if you only have one monitor ).

    Its context-aware so if you go into (for example) HFC, it will tell you which group members have killed which bosses in HFC during the current lockout, as well as listing every group members highest PVE progress, item level (average and equipped) and other cool stuff.

    In PVP it displays every group members current rating and gear level.

    You can get it at: raidspy[dot]com

    PS: I have thought about maybe also showing PVP information about the enemy team in arena/BG but I have a feeling that Blizzard might construe that as a TOS violation. Maybe I can get hold of Blizzard and ask them about it if people here are keen for that?

    PS2. I am open to suggestions for improving the app.

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    From your description it doesn't sound like a WOW addon, and more like a windows application. Use at your own risk.
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    sounds totally legit.. would visit the page and even install this random program

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    Quote Originally Posted by wowaccounttom View Post
    sounds totally legit.. would visit the page and even install this random program

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