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    How do you even get character models to show up in WeakAuras?

    I tried importing Kait's strings but they're old. Already looked up basic tutorials on YouTube for WeakAuras and checked out Kait's "WeakAuras frame trigger" thread, still can't figure it out.

    Any help?

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    How do you even get character models to show up in WeakAuras?
    First, you bind that macro in the thread to a key and use it to open/re-position the character panel and tell WeakAuras to scan for an event (EVN_O). Next, create a 3D model, with a custom trigger set for specific Event(s) - the event being EVN_O (and UNIT_MODEL_CHANGED for shifty morphing classes). Everything else is just fill in from the info in Kaitains' thread = 1)Custom trigger, 2)untrigger, and 3)Duration Info. The important part for it to show the player model is the Duration info part. You only need the first two for non-player model related stuff, like panels and effects. I straight up used WeakAuras for all the panels and stuff, so I don't know if the process varies with kgPanels to make them show up with the macro click.
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    To do it with kgPanels you just put the EVN_O stuff into the onShow and onHide scripts for a panel parented to your frame. If someone else hasn't gone into more detail before then, I'll explain it a bit better when I'm not on mobile.

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    Buff duration below player frame only visible when active, cooldowns above unit frame only visible when usable (and in combat), blade flurry icon only visible when blade flurry is active, anticipation tracker next to target frame only visible when buff is present and in combat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuo View Post
    --snip---cool ui post--snip--
    I really like what you have going on with the minimap and buffs at top. The unitframes too, specially on the monk.

    The buff + debuff tracker on the locks however, not really. I guess that might just be personal preference but, i hate having to look almost all the way down to see that information. The font not being the same as the rest is a bit weird (also for the target name).

    The ember/shard tracker is ... ok but i think it looks much better on the monk.

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