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    i'm as lazy as anyone, so i'll forgive the unskinned parts of the ui. but i do like the unitframes. so simple. and because they are so simple and nice, i can even accept the nametag. do they work well in a crazy environment? i find that sometimes i'll have great pair of unitframes (you could compare it to my great pair of buttcheeks) but they absolutely do not work with providing the information i need.

    on a different topic: someone wrote 'further improvements!' or something like that for their post. does anyone ever feel like you're sometimes walking backwards with your uis? sometimes i'll feel like my previous iteration was far better than the current one, but i won't go back to it. it is as if i'm far too stubborn and proud to go back on my decision to change my ui, so i'll come out worse for it. eventually i get around to improving it, but i'm just curious if anyone else ever walks these paths.

    and after introducing you to two half walls of texts i'll let you look at my ui as well.
    Yeah I've definitely noticed that. I save pretty much every UI I make in case I have to go back to a functional one in a pinch but that's yet to happen just because I'm, as you say, too stubborn. I'd rather stress and half-ass a semi-functional UI than install my previous one that I'm already used to.

    As for the UI, definitely one of your better ones, but I couldn't help but notice... a player portrait!? I guess anyone can change.
    Your tooltip looks messy though. backhanded compliments, i know you love those

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    Idk where all the hate is coming from. I was under the impression this is the "Post your UI" thread, not the "Post the UI you Created" thread. Someone can come in here and post their vanilla UI and that would be cool with me. It's what they use. It's their UI.
    Because you did not see the flood of TukUI (or was it Elv when it became "a thing", where every other submission was a near-default setup of it.
    There had to be dozens or even hundreds of posts removed.

    We just ask that unless it is some relatively unknown UI or at least one that isn't appearing every 4 posts that people don't post a near-default which you cant tell apart from from the dozen just like it posted before.

    At that point, you might as well quote any one of the previous and say "Me Too!".
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    I don't understand why we don't have flying so they tell us we will have convenient flight points. Immersion and danger? Here take some coins and fly me there while I read facebook or go take a poop.
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    T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption.

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    Added a non combat Screenshot this time with better quality!

    Idle / Out of Combat:

    In combat:
    made by Shyama

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