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Thread: Destro leveling

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    Destro leveling

    Hey, So i got a level 70 warlock sittin around on my acc and i just wanted to find a good leveling specc for him, So ive ofc heard allot about destro and its insane burst & crit.

    Sooooo... Destro leveling specc? anyone tried it yet, is it good? down time is good/bad?

    Anyway, if you think destro isnt the leveling specc ... Then what is?


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    Re: Destro leveling

    I did it 75ish-80 with improved voidy. He could tank the first half of the rotation fine.

    With the buffs to destructo now, its prolly more viable Less mana, and more POWAH!!!

    And downtime was minimal, lifetap/healthstone/canabilize/bandage. Never had to eat/drink. MUCH more fun than the other specs. Much.

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    Re: Destro leveling

    yep, you shuld definitely try it. as i am a lvl 80 warlock, i got lucky if i can lay more than two spells on a lvl 80 mob.

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    Re: Destro leveling

    Quote Originally Posted by StrayLight
    yep, you shuld definitely try it. as i am a lvl 80 warlock, i got lucky if i can lay more than two spells on a lvl 80 mob.
    Got a build for me? anything i should change for leveling? ty

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    Re: Destro leveling

    go affli... if your warlock has decent prewotlk equip as mine had
    you can run through northend with zero downtime
    my record was fighting 28 mobs at a row...
    (only returning in order to loot them for quest items)
    i only put siphon life, corruption, agony on them an ran to the next one
    was enough to kill them all...

    doubt that it works still though... cuz they took siphon life away =OOO
    i'd try anyways... was a lot of fun lvling and i was soooo fast...

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    Re: Destro leveling

    well yeah, thats the beauty of affli, dot dot fear, next mob, dot dot fear, etc etc until you get tired.

    as for destro lvling, the spec is pretty much the same thing, maybe add soul leech, not improved, pyroclasm not needed, shadow fury not needed, demonic power not needed..


    something like that, max burst damage, that way you have chaos bolt, immolate, conflagrate and shadowburn, all minimal castime with high damage(shadowburn as finishing of courser).. now depends on your current gear.

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