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    Decimation - Sense Demons filler

    Hello all,

    i use these two macro's at 35% target HP:

    /castsequence reset=combat/target/dead Immolate,Curse of Agony,

    /castsequence reset=combat/target/dead incinerate,Life Tap(Rank 1),soul fire,incinerate,Sense Demons,soul fire,incinerate,Sense Demons,soul fire,incinerate,Sense Demons,soul fire,
    /castrandom conflagrate

    Firstly i use macro1 to keep my dots up, when those are on the target i button bash macro2

    Currently i'm using Sense Demons as a (time)filler after incinerate since it doesn't cost any mana and does trigger a global cooldown to give the incinerate the needed time to reach the target.

    I want to shoot as many as posible Soul Fire's at my target, an i feel wasting dps when not shooting SF when able.
    What are your thoughts about this? (I know 1:1 rotations are posible but not very user friendly)

    Optional: Anyone able to simcraft (if that is what its called) INC,SenseDemons,SF vs. INC,INC,SF
    I hope that when you dont cast an extra incinerate, so that the gained casttime is spend on SF and hoping it will be enough to increase the dps.

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    Re: Decimation - Sense Demons filler

    So effectively you're wasting a global cooldown every other cast? not a very good macro if you ask me... how about you use an incinerate as a "filler" instead? or... not using a filler at all, just decimate-weave

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    Re: Decimation - Sense Demons filler

    I face exactly the same problem on my lock alt :'(
    Inci - SF weaving doesnt work for me, currently i try to fill corr / immo / coa / LT et cetra in between, but meh....its just awful. Hurtz my brainz, i didnt have to stay focused like that even with pre 3.1 affli. And unlike affliction, i do not enjoy it at all.
    Basically double inci is the best solution i guess, wasting a gcd on nothing isnt worth the dps loss. Cant be sure though, cant sim it But seems to be logical
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    Re: Decimation - Sense Demons filler

    basicly the normal rotation can be used while standing at 30 m with filler-filler-sf-filler-sf etc

    if you have to stand near just double filler-sf-2*filler-sf .. its far more effective
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    Re: Decimation - Sense Demons filler

    Well, with 700 haste, at max range (36y), i still cant weave without double filler
    A Possible replacement for Archimonde. Beware all ye landlubbers.

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    Re: Decimation - Sense Demons filler

    I can weave but there is too much moving involved during raids that screws things up so i am looking for an alternative way without wasting mana & decimate time.

    If i cast Sense Demons instead of incinerate i am saving my incinerate casting time and cast a soulfire in that gained time.

    I have around 17%-18% casting speed increase. So im saving about 1.9seconds not casting incinerate, in that extra time i cast a soulfire instead. And after that i continue..

    I could be going totally wrong here Again it would be nice if someone can do a sim, or just correct me with some understandable math

    Thnx for all the replies !!

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    Re: Decimation - Sense Demons filler

    The moving part is a problem yes

    But there is an remedy, you should always finnish with
    an Soul Fire before moving or casting any other spells.
    And always start with an Incinirate after you have
    finnished doing what ever you need to do

    And you should probably increase your haste a bit.

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    Re: Decimation - Sense Demons filler

    If you're in a situation where you can't weave or use double-filler (two best options in most cases), you'd better use this little time between Inci and SF to :
    - refresh a dot
    - Life tap
    - If you're already full mana or LT is dangerous for your health bar, Life Tap rank 1 (to keep glyph of LT and/or 4 T7 bonus)
    - In last resort, do nothing for a second

    Anything in that list would be better than doing nothing useful DPS-wise AND triggering the GCD with sense demons

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