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    GPU weird noise


    so i cleaned my pc yesterday and since then my gpu is making this bizarre noise like you head from a distance plane , or something like that , and to add also some 'clicking' noise , and thats when i am not even playing any game

    and when i am playing games it gets louder , and i am not sure if its an issue in Diablo but i get few sec freeze every time i open bag /a friend logs / sometimes random , and my fps with Vsync on dips to like 8 for a sec , no lag in WoW but my fps sometimes dip to like 15 for a sec from 60

    and to top it just had a complete freeze of diablo and couldnt force quit / exit game so had to turn pc off manually with switch.

    so any idea what i am dealing with? my GPU is SAPPHIRE RADEON HD 7950 OC VAPOR-X, 3072 MB DDR5, DP, HDMI

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    Check to make sure your GPU's cooling fan is clear and not brushing against any wires.

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    its not , but the one that makes clicking noise is a bit loose , like when you touch the winds u feel like its not tight in place , if you know what i mean.

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    I think this might be the same thing that happened to one of my GPUs a while back.

    Basically the fan for the GPU just got loose and it was hitting off of its seating. Didn't think anything of it at first and just carried on, about a month later the fan actually cracked and piece of it broke.
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    hmm that worries me any idea what could be a possible solution ?

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    If the issue began after you cleaned the pc, I'd make sure there is no cable hanging loose that would get in way with the gpu fan. That could at least explain "clicky" noises when a cable gets thrown by a fan pushing against it.

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    I've the same issue here. Is that work?

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    How did you clean your computer? Did you use any fluid to remove the dust. If so, how long did you wait until you started your computer again?
    Some times when removing dust from the fan blades if your not careful you end up just pushing the dust further in instead of acctually removing it. You might have to take the cover of your graphics card to see if anything is disturbing your fan. If your fan isnt running properly your graphics card will go to waste eventually. =/

    I would carefully remove the cover of the graphics card, just check if there is anything that can disturb the fan from working properly. Just make sure to touch your case while its connected to power to remove any static current in your body. Unless you have any anti-static equipment you already use.
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    no no fluid near it when i cleaned it , as i didnt have compressed air i used air blower instead , and removed dust with a soft brush.

    also dont wanna open it /remove anything if that removes its warranty as i can still RMA it , probably should just do that i guess

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