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    Video Card dead ?

    Hi everyone.

    I have an issue with my PC since yesterday. It suddenly shut down and since then i wasn't able to power it back up. Did a number of tests, and my current conclusion is the video card died, but i might be wrong.

    PC won't power up with the "faulty" video card plugged/connected to the 8+6pins: it gives like half of second of "life" and shuts down.
    PC works fine with the integrated video.
    PC works fine with a different video card.
    PC starts with the "faulty" video card plugged but not connected to the 8+6pins. (video card fans are spinning)
    Tried a different PSU with the "faulty" video card plugged/connected to the 8+6pins, no response.

    Worth mentioning, it happened before, about 1month ago...after messing a bit with the cables inside, it came back to normal and worked fine until yesterday.
    Unfortunately I am not able to try the video card in another system.

    Are there any other tests I should do ? Is it safe to assume the video card is broken and send it for warranty/service ?


    MOBO: Asus Maximux Ranger
    CPU: i5 4690k
    Video: MSI GTX 970
    RAM: 2 x 4GB HyperX Beast
    PSU: Seasonic 650W

    Thanks a lot.

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    Can you try the "broken" GPU in another PC, see if that works to confirm it?

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    Tried it in another system, unfortunately same results....it wouldn't power up at all.

    I guess it's safe to assume now the card is broken....at least it's still under warranty.

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