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    Mouse connects and disconnects consistently / constantly

    Just started happening recently. Happens across both my desktop and laptop (both 64 bit windows 7). Doesn't happen with any other mouse or USB device, just the one particular mouse. Really hoping the cord isn't damaged (but then why would it light up and connect at all?). Maybe it's a driver issue that I have on both computers?

    It's my razer naga epic. It's over 2 years old. Hiding this to avoid bias since naga products are known to fail

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    Product known to fail.

    I'm pretty sure you answered your own question. More than likely some sort of cable issue, driver issues on 2 computers are unlikely.

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    I knew it was a Razer before I looked at the spoiler text, ding dong, dong ding, ding dong, dong ding... That USB connect/disconnect sound, but yeah I'm on my 3rd Naga since 2009, while I've had your issue it was not persistent and my failures were due to double click issue and mouse wheel click breaking.

    You say it's persistent across 2 systems, do your 2 systems have the same versions of Razer drivers? It could be software related, could be power related or maybe the mouse is just fucked.
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    Clicked this thread only to confirm my suspicions - it was razer product. Do yourself a favour and don't buy razer again

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