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Thread: Holy 2v2 spec

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    Holy 2v2 spec

    Any1 made some decent testing of any holy builds in 2v2? Im running with a warr as disc atm.

    Not sure but these are the up sides of holy imo.
    Remove poison/improves move speed/healing after taking a crit + 60% chance to protect against a crit. Way better mana regen, and a decent ohh shit button...
    In glyphs you can get better imp death, guardian spirit is on a 1 min CD if you can prevent it from going off. + the renews could be usefull... Also considering to trow in lolwell, 30% in 1 hit is actualy alot with decent resilience.

    Got a problem making a realy good spec... Too mutch i want in both holy and disc.

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    Re: Holy 2v2 spec

    yeah there are a few good tallents in holy, like body and soul is great for getting out of los for casters and mana burns ect ect.

    the regen isnt that good in pvp gear cause of the lack of mp5 and spirit so holy concentration wont give that much mana back tbh.

    oh and u dont have PI HAHA love that shit put it on my mates lock he just goes pew pew pew with his haste trinket and fuckin blows people up haha win!

    u dont last very long if they stun u haha were glyphed Pain supression is so dam good haha!.

    i find holy more fun in battle grounds not in arena just get curb stomped lol.

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    Re: Holy 2v2 spec

    Well im lucky enough to have a very good warr as partner. He knows how to use intervene/shild blocks etc etc. We play a rather defensive play and waiting for the chances, and it usualy works. I had the crit gear before but changing to spirit these days. And often 1 of the probs in arena vs healer teams is my mana. When i manaburn em im almost oom myself and they can often regen back faster then i/we can keep presure on em.

    Ofc the damn PS while stunned arent there. Though im at almost 1000 resilience and stuns arent all that hard for me anymore. Its only a very very very well timed stuns/blocks etc from rogue/mage teams, and some DK/pala teams, that brings me down realy fast.

    And then ofc the instant smite chance :-D
    Everyone thinks their world is falling.. If they had a solid sense of perspective, they probably wouldn't be gamers.

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    Re: Holy 2v2 spec

    God help me for thinking outside the box of never changing spec's.. but ive found this one to work fairly well.


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    Re: Holy 2v2 spec

    I wouldn't try Holy yet for PvP, but if I had to something like this I guess;


    If you are going for Holy, you go for Body and Soul, Surge of Light and SoR for when that Ret and Rogue chain stun-burst you and you can't cast Pain Suppression.
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    Re: Holy 2v2 spec

    I was considering something along these lines. And yes i did take glyph of smite and lolwell, its not a joke 8)


    In case of a stun team lolwell could very well save my life. That + renew running on me + ofc shield/pom. Holy arent a shield spec so im not going down that road.Gonna run on some good mana regen and mana burn.

    The hardest part of holy is you dont got that ninja fast pendence. Against good rogues/DKs im fucked but i think ill take the chance.

    Sounds completly stupid?
    Everyone thinks their world is falling.. If they had a solid sense of perspective, they probably wouldn't be gamers.

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    Re: Holy 2v2 spec

    I dont know how you could ever survive as holy without pain supression. Any good rogue or arms warrior on me even with pain supression sucks hard. You could realy have to have a good pealer partner. Unless your like a hybrid holy dps/healer.
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    Re: Holy 2v2 spec

    It shouldent be needed to burn PS within the first 2 stuns from a rogue. And from then you can predict the stuns. As said before when im stunned the warr charges the rogue/warrior/DK. + Remember you can remove poisons as holy, just 3 sec with no wound poison is massive boost to a priest.
    Warriors arent gonna be THAT big of a prob, only a handfull ever pummels anymore, and just dont cast while they are in the stance. + remember you got guardian spirit so you wont die in the bladestorm.
    DKs though is gonna be a pain i guess as holy. A good DK is gonna "kick" your every cast and just burn your mana lige hell.

    But im worried that the mana regen in holy, is gonna be worse then disc.
    Everyone thinks their world is falling.. If they had a solid sense of perspective, they probably wouldn't be gamers.

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