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    Macro using addon commands?

    im looking fof a macro that uses addon commands.
    i use recount and grids addons
    i enable and disable them alot.
    to do so i use this commands : /recount show , and /grid standby
    i want 2 macro's to do this.
    just typing those commands in a macro doesnt work tho
    i tryed /s /recount show , and /console /recount show
    doesnt work
    any advise pls

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    Re: Macro using addon commands?

    /recount toggle
    /recount show
    Should work, I use it myself. Same for Grid.
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    Re: Macro using addon commands?

    thx toogle did the job
    strange , /recount show doesnt work in macro , but does when typed

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    Re: Macro using addon commands?

    try both toggle and not show that works in my macro tho

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