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    which pvp trinkets are best?

    Hi im having trouble deciding what trinkets to use in
    PVP i already decided to go with,

    Battlemaster's Bravery - increases sp by 111.
    - increaes maxium health by 3385 for 15 seconds
    3 min cooldown.

    im having trouble picking between

    Titan-forged Rune of Audacity- Increases spell power by 111
    -Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of
    control of your carachter.

    Medallion of the Horde- Improves your resilience rating by 84
    - Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control
    of your carachter.

    Which is best for a disc priest in PVP?

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    Re: which pvp trinkets are best?

    Personally I like to have one of my trinkets be a resilience trinket since it's a big boost, close to 100, from one slot. I would want that even more with the upcoming changes to resilience.

    So I would choose the Medallion of the Horde from that list.

    My combo for Disc priest PVP is Platinum Disks of Swiftness and Titan-forged Rune of Audacity

    I get the spellpower boost, the movement impairing removal, higher resilience boost than medallion(95 vs 84), and a haste use to combo it with power infusion for burst damage(any good Disc priest in 2's should be very aggressive) or burst mana-drains(lower brackets really only).

    The Battlemaster's Bravery is still a popular choice from what I see around, and I would think the best trinket to combo with that is the Medallion, because no other resilience trinket has the removal effect, which I think is pretty mandatory. You get lower overall resilience this way, but if you can still achieve ~900 without it, then you should be fine, plus the 3.4k health helps in certain situations.

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