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    Quote Originally Posted by Moddy View Post
    Hey guys I am back after wotlk and now in Cata I am seeking a new avatar and signature for cataclysm. I recently race changed to Tauren and I play a warrior. I was looking for something of a warrior in tier 11 gear with no helmet and instead a facial expression of anger and rage. I love bright and vibrant colors, almost with a high definition look. I am also at the moment protection and something with a shield would be sexy in his hand, to symbolize to others I take my role as main tank seriously. His fur is pitch black with long black horns with a gold ring on the left horn. Big with bulging muscles he would be. Perhaps the signature would be a bit darker with the words SONNEILLON off to the bottom right in bright crimson red letters, with his name above saying Titanhoof. The tier 11 non heroic set that is green would be a better choice cause I love the green but you can incorporate the heroic set that has a red dye if it would suit it more. For the background like I said I love bright and vibrant high definition looking colors, perhaps with a bit of anger and passion if possible. If you need more details please PM me, or I can respond here.
    I'm not sure if this is what you were thinking of, but here is my take on it (I picked a shield I liked, lol. It can be changed).

    ~Always look on the bright side of Death. Sig courtesy of Elyaan.

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    Hey guys this is kind of a random but i need a banner for my guild website.

    Some Information: We are horde on the US Korgath server. If you google Sippin Haterade you can find tons of graphics to use im really not picky at all. Any size will do as the website auto re-sizes. Thanks a bunch in advance.

    Website: unable to link as im a new user. sippin dot enjin dot com

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    As requested:

    Scythen/Sarin - Elune, Ruin (formerly Damien Sarin - Frostfell - Asheron's Call)
    PM Requests: Closed. Sigs / Guide / Wallpapers

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    Hi to all those great designers out there =)

    I've decided, after a long time, to stick with my guild even if they are not that awesome in Raids and stuff. So i desided to push them, take the raidlead and everything to help them. First of all was a Website. So I have finished the baiscs, but i really would have to have a guild banner. I know its alot of work- but pleas help me.

    Sever: Alexstrasza
    I would like somethign with the dragon of the westwind, either a very brigth banner or in dark coulours with a the dragon as a ligthend up figure.
    I'd love if there would be this sentence on the banner. "We shall rise to our best of our selfs"
    If you have any idea, or would like to change something - just go ahead =)

    If you would do this - if you want i would name you on our side with a special thanks.

    I know it's a lot of work. but it's for my guild. I love those people and would like to make them happy.

    Thanks to all who are just thinking og helping me =)

    p.s if anybody knows alot about the site (ucoz) and how i would insert the banner - i would very appreciate the help.

    (sry for any grammar mistakes )

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    I would love a new signature, can anyone help? I would like one for using it on this very site. Here is my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...xeoroth/simple

    What I would like included in this sig:
    -Full *Ret* S9 PvP gear, (2200 set)
    -S9 PvP 2h Sword (with Avalanche enchant)
    -Tauren Male doing standing up, holding his sword straight up as if youre idle and you've right-clicked a mob and youre not in range
    -The Colors Black, grey, white.
    -ABSTRACT ABSTRACT ABSTRACT Art!!! All tons of it!
    -My name in the signature, looking gothic. (^Abstract art around it maybe?)
    -Atleast the waist up being viewable

    Thank you so much in advance, and please, send me a Private Message regarding my request; if you're picking it up, or if you'd rather just do it then send me it. This thread is huge, and not 100% sure I can keep up with 1000+ pages.

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    Since I'm relatively new to posting on the forums, I would love it if someone could please make me a signature since I love the work you all do.

    Visible text: Loremaster Mckennaa
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: Unable to provide link due to new status
    Helm visible: No, ty
    Your pose: Not too picky on that, please feel free to take creative license
    General colour scheme: Something very "priesty". Some soft color like yellow with white. However, if you think of something better, feel free to try it out.
    Any extras: Nothing that I can think of.

    **Please forgive no armory link, but I am unable to post with links until I post a few more times.** My character is on Draenor US and her name is Mckennaa if you need that.
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    Tried something. Take it, if you like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scythen View Post
    As requested:

    what font is that, Scythen? looks amazing

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    Sorry for going abit off-topic but... How do you guys cope with WMV? Currently level 85 gear aren't even in my WMV except for the names of the gear and placeholder models :S
    Anyone know how to fix that? I have tried official forums with no luck

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    I posted a while back, but it wasn't picked up. So instead of bumping, I'll just create a new post

    Visible text: Cowtankerous the Exalted - Cairne (Make it look however you please, I just want my name, my title and server visible. I know, I don't have the title yet, but I'm only 2 reps away!)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...erous/advanced
    Gear set: With the current gear please, I don't like showing off gear I don't have.
    Helm visible: Yes please!
    Your pose: Tanking! Sword and board all the way baby! Well, basically if you can show me as if I were either tanking, or about to land a righteous blow on something I'll be a very happy camper. In other words: anything that makes it look like you captured a beautiful shot of me in the middle of an intense battle.
    General colour scheme: Anything befitting a paladin of the horde. Yellow and red have always been favorites. Or, if you want to use something else because that's overdone, anything that just fits in well with the current armor I have
    Any extras: A horde logo watermarked in or in some way showing would be a nice bonus. And I love the cartoony look people get nowadays with the extra filters you can apply. No clue what it's called, but it makes the colors all a bit more popping out!

    Anyways, don't hate me for 'reposting' or 'bumping'. My request is over 15 pages ago and other people after me have had theirs filled. So instead of PM'ing people or aasking "when are you going to pick me" I just decided it's far friendlier on all you wonderful artists to make a new request like this.
    There's no such thing as bad players. Unless you refer to the good players that refuse to pass on their knowledge.

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    Thanks Cata, looks great!

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    Some PM requests:

    I still have to do Avrantia's signature (I might get around to it today).

    Sadly I have had to turn down quite a few request since my WMV is borked when it comes to worgen males:

    So sadly if you have a request with worgens in there, I've had to turn it down (and will turn them down when I get them, so don't bother).

    - Soko
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    Got a question about Photoshop or WMV? Feel free to PM me and I'll see if I can help.

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    I've sent a couple PM's to artists not doing PM's anymore so I'll take a stab at just posting this time and see if anyone will pick this up.

    Karathrace on Smolderthorn : Can't post links yet.

    Helm off preferably with the face she has now, maybe with her head cocked a lil bit up as if shes looking at the sky.
    Maybe a space background like Algalons room when he is encountered.

    text if itll fit:

    "What do you hear Kara?"
    "Nothin' but the rain"

    Heroic tier 11 if possible.

    If you need anymore info just msg me and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fireflash View Post
    Thanks Cata, looks great!
    No problem, glad you like it!

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    Visible text: name: silverarrow guild: flawless. sever: deathwing
    link: http://img193.imageshack.us/i/wowscr...011195753.jpg/
    Gear set: What do you actually want to wear? hunter tier 8 dont want a belt
    Helm visible: (Do you want it showing, yes but not the tier one i want the Cursed Vision of Sargeras from illidan if you can make it =)
    Your pose: if you can i want it to look like i am shooting with Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury to the left
    General colour scheme: would like a red ot even fire in the back of my char
    Any extras: yeah maybe if you could make some big evil eyes in the back in the fire/red background

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    *** I PM"D SOMEONE ***

    Hey guys whats up!!!

    Visible text: Mcløvin
    Heavy Rain

    Armory link/Facial screenshot: Mcløvin Shadowmoon Us armory. My armory buggs out when people click a link
    thanks to my wierd øøø

    (Can my eyes be kind of like a blackish purplish color?

    Gear set: The Vicious Gladiator's Chain Gear The 2.2k Black colored one with
    Vicious Gladiator's Rifle
    and http://www.wowhead.com/item=62912 On my back if you can <3

    Helm visible: Nopers

    Your pose: any pose that shows my gun in a cool way

    General colour scheme: Darkish Blueish grey

    Any extras: Be creative
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anathaema View Post
    what font is that, Scythen? looks amazing
    It's called McBooHMK
    You can get it here:

    Scythen/Sarin - Elune, Ruin (formerly Damien Sarin - Frostfell - Asheron's Call)
    PM Requests: Closed. Sigs / Guide / Wallpapers

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    Still in Queue: Caireann, Glindrya

    PS : Mcløvin - bumping is the worst way to get your request noticed. so just don't. be patient or PM ONE ARTIST ONLY. Read the 1st post and the rules!
    Please only PM ONE ARTIST @ a time

    |My Work|PM Requests:Closed| Sorry No Guild Banners|
    Please include complete Armory Link in your request AND make sure your helm is displaying or not displaying as per your request

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arostatic View Post
    PS : Mcløvin - bumping is the worst way to get your request noticed. so just don't. be patient or PM ONE ARTIST ONLY. Read the 1st post and the rules!
    Yeah sorry about that it wasn't an intentional bump. When I posted it said post cannot be found when I submitted it so i took the liberty of rewriting it without checking if it actually posted :l

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    Hello artists! I'm looking for a new sig.

    Visible text: Fiddlesnarf
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...snarf/advanced
    Gear set: I want to be wearing the level 60 Grand Marshals gear set with the Stormwind Tabard and Shadowmourne. My currently equipted Engineering goggles too.
    Helm visible: Yes, current helm showing, the Engineering goggles
    Your pose: I like the stealth idle animation, with my 2hander in my right hand.
    General colour scheme: Some kind of Holy Lightening, but I leave this stuff up for the artist mostly.
    Any extras: I'll leave this up to the artist.

    Can't wait to see the final results, thanks again!
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