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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrannar View Post
    That's absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much!
    Thanks :O I hate all the sigs I make

    Thanks Elyaan | My Work | Requests:CLOSED

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    visible text: brewmaster Lostcoast, too drunk to NOT tank.
    armorylink: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...stcoast/simple
    gear set: what the character is wearing.
    helm: visible
    pose: ox stance.
    color sceme: black with gold and brown thrown in.
    extras: a tavern or pub background. anything relating to beer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i4ni View Post
    Going to attempt this.



    I hope you like it ::S


    /snuggles Ely
    Stunning ! Any chance you could PM me with how you did those effects ?

    Thanks Elyaan | My Work | Requests:CLOSED

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    I am starting streaming soon and would like to set up my twitch page with some nice graphics.

    What you want for your page: Requesting an entire set (Background, header, offline banner)

    Visible text: I would like the background and offline banner to display my character's name (Beyondhope) along with my guild's name and server. (Basically don't want people thinking i'm horde). For the header i would like for it to be just my guild name and server (Nox Æterna - Anvilmar) (Æ = alt+146). I'd like to have them all themed similarly but keeping in mind that Nox Aeterna means "Eternal Darkness" in latin. i'd also like it if the header could possibly double as a header for my guild's website.

    Logo/Character: As i said my guild doesn't have a guild logo yet so you can have creative license to make something cool looking (Anything but a panda theme the GM doesn't like them) As for the offline banner and background I am a human female shadow priest in full T6 with Anathema. Cant link my armory yet, due to lack of posts here, but my character is Beyondhope on US-Anvilmar. (Not female IRL so please don't make it girly) EDIT: Also don't put my character in shadowform.

    General colour scheme: Eternal Darkness (again creative license open to you)

    Specifics/Extras: nothing really to add here... (GM does tho sometimes have an obsession with the sky over Storm Peaks, something about the clouds and lightning and such)

    Thanks in advance... I'm sure my guild will love whatever you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyne View Post
    I have a 3 part request for a Wallpaper, Signature and Avatar, but they'll all be based off of the same image, if that's alright. It will all be based off of my undead priest, here is an armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ticaine/simple

    I've worked up some drafts for the basic gist of what I want each of the images to be.

    WALLPAPER - 1920x1080
    Roughdraft: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/43597298/WoW...paperdraft.jpg

    - Visible Text: "Neuroticaine" in an all-uppercase, serif font, similar to "Copperplate Gothic," but maybe slightly more interesting, with the initial "N" larger than the rest of the letters (as though it were still capitalized), black, with a subtly white glow around the edges of the letters. Needs to have a relatively thin, black underline, that meets in the middle with a small, diamond shape
    - NO Guild or Server info necessary.

    - Gearset: Tier 13 Normal (ilvl397) Priest set, with matching belt and boots (397 VP Spirit Cloth pieces), Brutal Gladiator's Salvation sheathed at side with the old +30 Spell Power enchant.

    - Helm Visible: NO

    - Pose: I want my character to be as close to this pose (/point emote) and angle in the linked roughdraft above as possible.

    - General Color Scheme: Deep, dark red, vertical stripes, like an old wallpaper. Similar tothis, except a decent bit darker. Also, overall, I want the stripes to be thinner, and I want the pattern to be more dense, with less of the lighter red visible overall. A slightly darker, thin vignette around the edges would be a nice touch.

    - Extra Requests: I want the name "Neuroticaine" in the same approximate location as it is in the roughdraft. Though I referenced Copperplate Gothic, whichever font you choose, I'd like it to be a relatively thinner, narrower font, kind of similar to the font used in the Final Fantasy logo (though obviously, no ripoffs, please.)

    Roughdraft: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/43597298/WoW...aturedraft.jpg

    - All of the above applies, except crop the image approximately the same as the roughdraft image (conforming to the typical MMO-Champion signature image dimensions), and reposition the text (note, I still want an underline and diamond, I was just too lazy to add it to the signature draft). Crop it a little bit higher (less of my character at the bottom, more negative space at the top, so that my character's hand is approximately centered, vertically. Same striped background, same glow around the text, same dark vignette, etc...

    Roughdraft: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/43597298/WoW...vatardraft.jpg

    - Same as above as applies - same background, same vignette, though much smaller to account for the lack of space (don't want to hide my face!). NO TEXT. Kinda vaguely going for something along the lines of a typical battle.net World of Warcraft forum avatar, except still making it match the wallpaper and signature.

    I know this might sound like a lot, but once you do one, the other two should be able to be done fairly quickly. It would be amazing.
    Weekly bump! Modified the original post to conform to the template on page 1 better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarija View Post
    I'd do this myself, but my Photoshop skills generally lie elsewhere and I make a mess when I try and make WoW stuff. So, I shall request a signature here!

    Visible text: Zarija / Fury (guild name)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: Apparently I'm not allowed to post links until I post a few times, and since I'm not going to dance around making random posts to random threads until I can do so, I shall just direct you to the EU armory - Zarija, member of the guild Fury, on the Shadowsong server. Sorry I can't give a direct link. :|
    Gear set: What she's wearing will be fine, thanks
    Helm visible: Yes please!
    Your pose: Trolls are difficult to work with, so go with whatever you think looks best. She's balance, if that helps.
    General colour scheme: What works well with the armour. Pale blues, and mint green, maybe? Whatever you think works.
    Any extras: Again, whatever works. As Zari is a balance druid, Moonfire/Starfire-esque effects could look good, but really, I give artistic license. :3
    Claimed and done:

    Hope you like it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyama View Post
    Claimed and done:

    [link here] [link here]

    Hope you like it
    Wow, that is absolutely stunning. Thank you so much! <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarija View Post
    Wow, that is absolutely stunning. Thank you so much! <3
    You're welcome - glad you like it

    Quote Originally Posted by Indi View Post
    3 week repost
    Claimed and done - took a while but managed to fit it all in - hope it's to your liking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyama View Post
    Claimed and done - took a while but managed to fit it all in - hope it's to your liking

    OH MY GAWD Shyama that's so frickin adorable I can barely stand it! Awesome work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuckgnawris View Post
    Visible text: Chuckgnawris, <Inertia of Dark Iron> (Under my name please)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dark-iron/Chuckgnawris/advanced
    Gear set: Tier 14 Normal gear
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: I would like (if possible) to have my human form on the left side, from torso up and facing right/front with my worgen form on the right hand side. (facing toward my human form, with no helm please).
    General colour scheme: I'll leave it up to you guys, you know what would look best
    Any extras: I would really like it if volley were to be in the background, but if that isnt possible, something like woodlands or huntery things would be great

    Thanks in advance, also I am interested in seeing if anyone would be interested in making my guild's intros for our kill videos. Message me for more info about it, but it would include credits in all of our videos' descriptions, as well as a link to your website/armory/or anything else!
    One week repost!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyama View Post
    You're welcome - glad you like it
    Claimed and done - took a while but managed to fit it all in - hope it's to your liking

    WOW Shy.. looking awesome as always

    OT: I dont know if anyone here is up for a challage, Iam looking for a "logo".
    Something cool, stylish & me.. if u are up for it plz tell me <3
    Requests: CLOSED ~ DeviantArt ~ In queue: 0

    Ty to cynsacat for Sig & Ava

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyama View Post

    Claimed and done - took a while but managed to fit it all in - hope it's to your liking
    Quote Originally Posted by Rivellana View Post
    OH MY GAWD Shyama that's so frickin adorable I can barely stand it! Awesome work!
    I realized that I forgot to re-transmog my shoulders when I saw this, but I think it looks good with those! Looks amazing and I have to agree with Rivellana that it is frickin adorable! It's better than I had imagined it would be. Thank you so much!

    I'm not able to use the sig yet on the forums, I'll add it as soon as I'm able!
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    Visible text: Travex (My character's name) <Ascent> (Guild) US-Thrall (Server)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/1184/t13ss.jpg T13 example w/ arbitrary placeholder weapons
    Gear set: I would be in a black/Sha Touched version of full T13 warrior set. I would like to be dual wielding Kilrak, Jaws of Terror [H].
    Helm visible: Yes.
    Your pose: A few poses I'm fine with are in stance to charge (Profile), roar (Frontal), attacking, attacking with Raging Blow, or simply something enigmatic - given the color scheme.
    General colour scheme: In line with the Black T13 and Sha Touched weaponry, perhaps a dark, ominous background, there's plenty of freedom here as I cannot think of something terribly specific.
    Any extras: Again in line with Black T13/Sha Touched weaponry, perhaps a matching eye-glow and faint matching fire stemming from my person/armor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tifah View Post
    Visible text: Tifáh Insignificant(under my name)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: I can't post links, but I'm playing on Darksorrow EU under the name Tifáh. Nelf female warrior!
    Gear set: I'd like it to have the Onslaught set.
    Helm visible: No
    Your pose: Meleeing
    General colour scheme: I'll give you free-hands on this one. Do whatever you feel suits it!

    I couldn't put melee pose on it because it woudln't fit. It's only my second signature that I made for other people, so I understand if you don't really like it D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartacus View Post
    Hey guys.

    I'm looking for someone to do a sig/ava/wp with Goblin Fire Mage in Firelord T11. I would love if he will wear weapons like:

    http://www.wowhead.com/item=77190 with some fire effect in this like on this screen: http://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screen...mal/264499.jpg

    He can be mounted on pureblood firehawk (fire phoenix from ragnaros hc) or klaxxi reputation scorpion, and! background can be (YES YES!) firelands.

    Name of my mage is PORTAL (lol) and here's armory, but i dont have atm full set of T11: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ortal/advanced



    Visible text: PORTAL @ Burning Legion, EU
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ortal/advanced
    Gear set: T11 HC Firelord
    Helm visible: yes
    Your pose: casting pyro
    General colour scheme: fire!!
    Any extras: Pureblood firehawk or klaxxi scorpion (i dont need to be mounted, he can fly around or if its klaxxi scorpion he can stand near me). Screen of wallpaper can be located in dread wastes and colors can be modified into fire... <3 u have there a lot of amber scorpions walking around area.

    Thank You all for Your help.

    Ps. I love the artwork like:
    Hey guys! 1 week bump

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    hey i have no idea on the sizes but i do on the content can one of the designers please pm(if in need of more info) i will be needing the sig for twitch streaming i need an offline message

    Visible text: offline be back in a few on one side and Follow on the other side.
    Gear set: I would like it to be death knight season 11 elite pvp gear with armagedon
    Helm visible: Yes.
    Your pose: no idea on the pose i have faith in you to make it awsome
    General colour scheme: somthing to match the season 11 elite pvp gear for dk's
    Any extras: no idea if you think of anything you like and wouldnt mind putting in do it and we can go from there.

    thanks for the help ahead of time
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    Visible text: Character name - Raeynni
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http : //us . battle . net/wow/en/character/baelgun/Raeynni/simple
    Gear set: Transmog off armory
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: I would like her to be casting holy light.
    General colour scheme: Pink and gold.
    Any extras: Onyx Panther mount in the background.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyrickEU View Post
    I couldn't put melee pose on it because it woudln't fit. It's only my second signature that I made for other people, so I understand if you don't really like it D:
    It's fkin awesome! Thank you sir.

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    Good night everyone. Just here for my 4th week bump ;-) all I'm missing is the wallpaper. I left a lot of wiggle room for the designers out there. All in all I love the fierce look and please PM if you have any questions. Let me know If I need to change or elaborate more on this request. Thank you all and keep up the wonderful work.
    Quote Originally Posted by itzferal View Post
    Hello I'm looking for a signature along with a new wallpaper background. I run at 1920x1080.

    Visible text: Feral (Name) Area 52 (Realm)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...smonk/advanced
    Gear set: Tier 14
    Helm visible: Yes please
    Your pose: I'm no very artistic so it's up to you
    General colour scheme: Not sure...I do like blue but again...whatever flows properly with the signature
    Any extras: I wanted to incorporate my top three favorite characters in this but I don't know if it's possible. I only want the helm on the Monk but the Rogue and Warrior I'm not sure what the helm looks like on a Pandaren so if it looks ugly, please exclude it. For the warrior T4 set but I don't know what the helm looks like (I find a lot of the helms don' fit the Pandaren well) so please exclude if it looks out of place. The Rogue, the only set I've seen used is Tier 13 but I'm open to any look here.

    Here are the other two armory links just in case I can have them together:

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    Hey guys!! This is the first time I've ever seen this thread and i love it. I've been trying for months to make a twitch.tv set up and i just don't have that artistic skill that I've seen most of you guys have. So i was hoping that you guys might be able to help me out and create something sick for me. I need everything for the site EXCEPT the info box image, because i really don't know how i want to set that up yet.

    Background=I want my warrior on one side and my druid on the other side. But one is horde and one is alliance. So what i want is to have my warrior on the road in front of orgrimmar with orgrimmar not to far behind my warrior, i want orgrimmar to have a faint red touch to it (red for the horde). Same with my druid on the road in front of Stormwind with Stormwind not to far behind my druid, i also want Stormwind to have a faint blue touch to it (blue for alliance).
    This is what I want my warrior to have on tier 13 with the weapon that i link, this is the link to my warrior and the gear i want him to have on:
    This is what i want my druid to have on tier 13 with the weapon that i link, this is the link to my druid and the gear i want him to have on:
    I dont want my character names underneath them i just want my name Dominick, and my gaming name Bigdom on there somewhere. Like my real name smaller then my game name and on top of the game name, if that makes sense. No server names or guilds either. Also would like some type of arrow or something pointing to the follow button or something to that extent. Maybe throw a horde and alliance symbol in there somewhere lol.

    Header=For the header i want something to the some effect of the background. I wanted to see if someone could merge the alliance and horde symbols to make one. Then next to it i want it to say my name Bigdom. I want it to be red and blue to go with the theme. And i want enough space to eventually put a facebook page and a twitter page, or add the links to those pages on it.

    Offline Banner=Anything you want that you think will go good with my theme that's all i really want. It's all i want it to say is something about me being offline.

    So if you have any questions at all just let me know and ill get back to you as soon as possible.
    P.S=This is just my idea of what i had in mind, if you don't like it or don't think that it will look good or go good together that is fine. Ill take anything that you have to offer i'm not picky what so ever. I just want something that is for me and only me . Thanks a ton in advance hopefully someone will be able to understand my idea.

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