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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyama View Post
    Claimed and done - made two different colours, so you have a choice. Hope you like at least one of them

    thank you!
    Looks amazing, really good job

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reaped View Post
    Your just amazing, Thank you once again!
    Quote Originally Posted by Drefzor View Post
    thank you!
    Looks amazing, really good job
    You are both very welcome
    Requests CLOSED

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    Hey guys,

    It's been a long time and i apologize. My life got stupid crazy and a lot of huge changes have been made but i am almost sorted, still a lot of big things to deal with and wanted to come back and do some stuff to take my mind off - its been a while.

    I have now moved to America (no more living with the crazy ex and being miserable ) and wanna get back into sig stuff, my pc doesnt work properly yet cos the electricity here isnt strong enough for it but i will be around some of the time and would like to take a few requests to break me back into it gently.

    Have missed being on the forums, but ive had a sneak peak here n there occasionally, and theres been some absolutely gorgeous stuff coming from you guys. <3

    Game / Photoshop streaming: www.twitch.tv/caughtyoulookin
    | Sig requests:OPEN | Queue:1 | My Work |

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    Hello! Im trying to get back into streaming, and my lack of skills with photoshop and other programs are getting me down! So hopefully one of you lovely people will help a poor o' dwarf out with making a background and banner for my twitch

    What you want for you page: Background and banner, perhaps a offline banner if you are up for it ^.^
    Visible text: Mainly the name of my toon, Frostbrew.
    Logo/Character: Id love my toon to be in the banner and background, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ostbrew/simple, no helm, any pose you think look good! and a shaman logo would be lovely too.
    General colour scheme: As you can see by my transmog and name, its very 'Frosty' thats the theme i would like to go with
    Specifics/Extras: id like to be somewhere cold/frosty, like dun morogh or somewhere, Also being a dwarf we love our booze! so maybe another shot of him having a pint!

    Many many thanks!

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    Welcome Back Lora!
    Glad to hear everything sorting itself out for you, looking forward to see your work back I the thread <3

    "If I lay here. If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivellana View Post

    A bit out of my pandaren/blood elf comfort zone. :P
    Ohh that's fantastic thank you so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyner View Post
    Changed to Alliance so i'm looking for a new signature to reflect that, ( I have the angry looking female face, not the dead eyed derp one, should make it a bit better)

    Visible text: Just the name "Cyner"
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Cyner/advanced
    Gear set: This is really up to you, I love all the lock gear sets, so you can have creativity with this.
    Helm visible: Either way I am fine with it
    Your pose: Again, I am open for whatever
    General colour scheme: Whatever looks best with the gear set you choose.
    Any extras: Nothing specific, like i said, I am basically giving the artist free reign with this one
    Going to claim this one for now. Love lock sets, so want to mess around with a few of them.
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    Visible text: (Raked)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...3%A9d/advanced)
    Gear set: (Transmog from armory, aka. Full Tier 6, with Draconic Avenger equipped : http://www.wowhead.com/item=19354)
    Helm visible: (Yes)
    Your pose: (Swinging weapon, in combat, maybe with some cooldowns up. Do whatever you think looks best)
    General colour scheme: (kind of dark one, but not too dark if you know what I mean)
    Any extras: (just some close up to my player, from waist and up to head, and showing the whole weapon while in combat?)

    Size: (A one that goes over the chat menu, so I can hide whispers etc. I dont know the current size, but just make default one)
    Visible text: (Raked, Stormscale EU or something?)
    Logo: (I guess no Logo)
    General colour scheme: (Dark and red maybe?)
    Specifics: (Of you're choice! )

    What you want for you page: (Something witch looks like Reckful's (twitch.tv/reckful) just with my player ofcourse and maybe some darker, with offline banner behind the stream window, with the same message "OFFLINE, please follow if you want to see more )
    Visible text: (Raked, something like Reckful's channel again)
    Logo/Character: (No logo )
    General colour scheme: (Dark and heavy, witch makes my Warrior with full t6 + Draconic Avenger looking awesome!)
    Specifics/Extras: (No extras, looking forward to see replies, going to start stream, and I will do a big shoutout to the person who makes all this for me!)

    Best Regards

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    As Torgerd said
    Welcome Back Lora!
    Glad to hear everything sorting itself out for you, looking forward to see your work back I the thread <3
    Iam also happy to see you back here hun <3

    --- --- --- --- --- ---
    I dont know how long it been since i got a wallpaper.. but i wanna ask anyone of you to help me out a little with a wallpaper.


    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Visible text: Guild name: Fouls Bane Server: Arathor EU (Fouls Bane in any cool font, all text readable tho pls)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot:
    Gear set: Same as on Armory

    Gear set: Same as on the pic (Blue MoP DK gear)

    Gear set: Black MoP Rogue gear

    Gear set: Green MoP Priest gear

    Gear set: Green MoP Shaman gear

    Gear set: Yellow/Brown MoP Druid gear

    Gear set: White/Brown MoP Druid gear

    Helm visible: No Thanks x 7
    Your pose: You have free hands
    General colour scheme: Darker on the left side (due to my thing).. but overall dark background colours
    Any extras: You have free hands but keep in the right corner (not to far so anyone gets hidden by my bar), seeing i have this on the left side

    Here's the gear's for MoP:

    Thats all.. if you have any Questions please ask and i'll do my best to answer them
    //Yours only Takizas
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    Requests: CLOSED ~ DeviantArt ~ In queue: 0

    Ty to Shyama for Sig & Ava

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    Smile A Wallpaper and phone request

    Hey everyone, I know people are cracking down and getting ready and busy for the Holidays, I was hoping someone indeed have some time to do a Wallpaper and a phone request for me. I will use the same image for both. but I think they have to be re sized to fit accordingly?


    Resolution: (1920 x 1080(PC) Phone has a 4.3 Inch screen. I'm assuming that's the size you're looking for?)If not I can edit this.

    Visible text: (Touchfeely. Then somewhere can it say "Forever a Resto druid" and Lothar, US)

    Armory link/Facial screenshot: (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...hyfeely/simple)

    Gear set: (My transmog set please. Here is a link from wowhead that have all of the pieces. http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=376)
    Helm visible: (Yes, BUT I would like to have this helm please. http://www.wowhead.com/item=32235)

    Your pose: (She is a healer, so whatever you think is best.)

    General colour scheme: (Again what ever you think is best on the color ;] Although, dark colors would be great. Look at the extras's it might give you an idea of what I mean)

    Any extras: (The background is this picture is sorta what I'm aiming for, http://patslash.deviantart.com/art/L...aper-150805890 It reminds me of the very first wow cinematic with the druid running the in forest. Could there also be two to three critters peeking out from the forest? Like the fawn pet, speedy the turtle,the fox kit pet or the Skunk)
    Thank you to whomever decides to pick this up

    Made by Visenna, TY<3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysia View Post
    Going to claim this one for now. Love lock sets, so want to mess around with a few of them.
    <3 <3 Look forward to seeing it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ygami01 View Post
    Visible text: Kevin
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Hyori/advanced
    Gear set: http://www.wowhead.com/profile=35044657
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: In the stance of how my armory(Hyori) is showing. If you can. Your decision on adding the weapons from armory if it works well, if not then disregard.
    General colour scheme: Green works.
    Any extras: Hmm, not exactly sure.
    PS:::::::: Wondering if you can kind of mimic this signature--> http://i49.tinypic.com/3536uc3.png (Taking note of the Japanese symbols in the background). And make an additional one, which is two sigs(If that's alright), of what YOU think fits based on my description.
    Bumping to see if anyone has claimed this


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    1 week bump for signature. No one seems to have claimed :P

    Visible text: Just my name, bob, no fancy accents above the "o". My guild name as well (nephilim)

    Armory link/Facial screenshot: us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravenholdt/B%C3%B5b/simple

    Gear set: the current seasons shaman gear. (season 12?)

    Your pose: casting a spell (lava burst)

    Any extras: I'd like to be casting/fighting alongside my fire elemental (either to the side or behind me) if that would be possible. Also, the current season's gear gives our eyes a green glow of sorts. If that can be replicated, that would be awesome

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    Visible text: Name (Fookiyeu) and guild (The Committed)

    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ookiyeu/simple

    Gear set: Current gear is fine unless you can show Fook in the T14 set for monks (don't have it yet though)

    Helm visible: No

    Your pose: Attack ready pose - mob/boss targeted but not yet engaged

    General colour scheme: The color scheme for monks as far as raid and party frames go works.

    Any extras: Something that conveys the monk's nature of swiftness and serenity (leaving this part up to the imagination of the creator)

    Size: Obviously within the 500pix Wide by 100pix high and under the 50kb filesize.

    ** WoW (Aggramar - The Committed) **
    Signature by Yoni

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    click for fullsize.


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    Quote Originally Posted by i4ni View Post

    click for fullsize.
    That is possibly the most amazing wallpaper I've seen in a long time, i4ni. I also love the transmog on the shaman (or whatever that is).


    As I mentioned in PM, I am not proficient with dual character sigs, I'm quite uncomfortable with them. However, I stared at this until my eyes were practically bleeding and I couldn't figure out where I could improve it so just let me know if you'd like any changes to it.

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    I skimmed through a bit trying to find an answer before I posted, but I wasn't able to find anything.

    Has anyone been able to plug in Challenge mode gear properly in WMV?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tygera View Post
    I skimmed through a bit trying to find an answer before I posted, but I wasn't able to find anything.

    Has anyone been able to plug in Challenge mode gear properly in WMV?
    I don't believe so. The only sets that show up in "item sets" are the normal t14.
    The files for all other MoP gear has to be searched for manually under "item"

    If anyone else knows more info, please prove me wrong <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by i4ni View Post
    I don't believe so. The only sets that show up in "item sets" are the normal t14.
    The files for all other MoP gear has to be searched for manually under "item"

    If anyone else knows more info, please prove me wrong <3
    Thanks for the reply. =) And BTW, your very recent panda wallpaper is beyond breathtaking! Well done! =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeirAdish View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by KeirAdish View Post
    Hi, I'd like to request a signature, avatar, and twitch background... :S
    A lot of work :S

    Visible text: Just the name Kéirà (funny symbols and all. Codes are 0233 and 0224 with the alt key held and number lock on.)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...r%C3%A0/simple
    Gear set:
    (No weapon or shield)
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: Bowing
    General colour scheme: Background clear preferably, so that whatever background its on that's all you see.
    Any extras: Some Burgundy and black aura emanating from her.
    Think http://www.justpushstart.com/wp-cont...nfamous-1.jpeg
    just darker

    Twitchnow youtube)
    What you want for your page: Dark with Sha Energy
    Visible text: Name, Same as signature.
    Logo/Character: (Two characters)


    General colour scheme: Something dark, darker than deepholm, but not just pure black...
    and burgundy and black energy radiating off the cataclysmic set character.
    and blue(dark but not too dark) and white energy radiating off the ruthless set character.

    Specifics/Extras: Not sure if its possible but what I'd like is for them to be standing on either side facing outwards, the ruthless set with sword drawn but loosely held kinda like: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-6JwgAV4c03...600/ichigo.png
    and the other one with same way with the Gavel to the front and shield the backish.

    Avatar: Just the Paladin(holy) Cataclysmic head with a red glow where the eyes would be and a little bit of that dark energy that was previously mentioned.

    Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need as I'm not sure if I described what I want very well... :S

    *bumping after week*

    However I am changing that twitch background to a youtube background if you don't mind.

    Bumping for the second week a day early as I wont be able to post tomorrow and probably not the day after unless I get lucky and can connect on my phone at work.

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