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    Quote Originally Posted by Yavania View Post
    Visible text: Brawler, Varum. - Have Brawler above Varum please.
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...r/Varum/simple
    Gear set:- Hunter Challenge Mode gear with bow from will of emporer normal
    Your pose:upto you
    General colour scheme: dark red color scheme with a horde logo in background.
    Any extras: just the horde logo stated above.
    edited the above quote to show more accurately what im asking for thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eirny View Post
    There is a one week cooldown on bumping requests. It hasn't even been 24 hours yet.

    -Please be respectful of the artists and their time.
    -Patience is a virtue.
    -Good things come to those who wait.
    Kind of off-topic but are you on Smolderthorn-US by any chance? Your account name is one I recognize.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shyama View Post
    PM request:

    That's gorgeous, Shy! You make gnomes look so good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vmagik View Post
    Visible text: Character's name and server please, vMagik - Turalyon EU
    Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...magik/advanced
    Gear set: The armory transmog would be awesome ta!
    Helm visible: No thanks
    Your pose: Honestly don't know/mind - let your imagination run wild!
    General colour scheme: Thinking a blue/turquoiseish/relitively dark colour scheme
    Any extras: I generally use Unholy spec so something disease related or with my ghoul in there would be great
    CLAIMED and done

    Hope you like it!
    My work | Requests: Closed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivelle View Post
    That's gorgeous, Shy! You make gnomes look so good!
    Thank you Riv
    Quote Originally Posted by Rivelle View Post
    And this panda! Well, she's certainly had a few - her expression is priceless Love it
    Requests CLOSED!

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    Hey Artists and readers,

    I got a request to make a wallpaper for my phone

    Resolution: 4.8 ” HD (720 x 1280 pixels)
    Visible text: Terogaxu, Guardian of Cenerius
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ogaxu/advanced
    Gear set: I with you have Merciless gear with august celestial tabard. and T8 head (see armory)
    Helm visible: yes
    Your pose: Your choice
    General colour scheme: A night sky, with tree's. get inspirerd by Zangramash but then without the pado's
    Any extras: I wish to have a Tree of life model in it prefer the Old one, but if you think the Night elf New one suits better its good aswell!

    Thanks in advance,
    Please PM if you take this.

    Resto druid @ Frostmane-EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivelle View Post
    Thank you so much Rivelle! I love it! I couldn't have imagined it to look so great <3

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    Hey guys need a logo for my guild
    Idea - Revolt In a a green font with black outline try to make it look corrupted, with a dark green snaking either under it as a line or curled round the letter.
    With Magtheridon - EU in the bottom right corner Black background or possible a ruins theme with moss on rock? Thanks! <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yesinia View Post
    Wallpaper Request
    Resolution: 1360x768
    Visible text: Yesinià Bleeding Hollow.
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...i%C3%A0/simple
    Gear set: Tier 12 (Firelands set)
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: Up to the artist, but maybe casting a spell and having the glow around the hands (http://imgur.com/Kd7MRL3). Feel free to be creative.
    General color scheme: I want an angelic looking background, something that fits a holy paladin. Maybe some golds and oranges.
    Any extras: I would like to add the Light's Hammer spell, preferably at my feet with the sparks coming out. Also I would like to somehow incorporate the Eternal Flame buff (http://imgur.com/QuMPlE3). Having my wings popped would be awesome, but I'd like to spice up how they look (instead of them looking like a bright yellow blur). Again feel free to be as creative as you like!
    Claimed a couple of days ago and done:

    Hope you like it

    PS Ely-Pop - love the Millennia wallpaper <3
    Requests CLOSED!

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    Wallpaper Request
    Resolution: 1920x1980
    Visible text: Zifta the Explorer, A quote if you could add "Your Caught In My Trap, There is No Way Out"
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...s/Zifta/simple Facial Screenshot : http://imgur.com/pmnqz99
    Gear set: Valorous Scourgestalker - Tier 8, Weapon: Black Bow Of The Betrayer
    Helm visible: (Do you want it showing, or not? Yes, or no?)
    Your pose: You can play with this with what looks best.
    General colour scheme: I had an idea of a general green theme, due to the nature of the hunter, perhaps in a forest of some sort, but you can have creativity with this.
    Any extras: Perhaps the Hunter logo somewhere on the page.

    Thank you


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyama View Post
    Claimed a couple of days ago and done:

    Hope you like it
    Oh...Em...Gee amazing, love it! So much better than I could have imagined. TY, TY, TY, TY!

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    Visible text: (What text do you want on there? Would you like your character's name, maybe your server?): Mastarin, Pwner of Galakrond

    Armory link/Facial screenshot: (We do need to see your face, you know! Alternatively, you could supply a screenshot of you face, if the Armory isn't clear enough. If you're unable to post links, just break it up with a few spaces.):Sorry it wont let me post links at all even with spaces. Mastarin is my character's name, Sorry for the inconvenience

    Gear set: (What do you actually want to wear? Tier 14? PvP Season 3? Dungeon Set 2? Or perhaps your Transmog set off the Armory?): My current T-mog set with the belt changed to "Belt of the Ferocious Wolf"

    Helm visible: (Do you want it showing, or not? Yes, or no?): Yes
    Your pose: (If you're a caster, do you want to be shown casting a spell? If you're a melee dps, do you want to be seen swinging your weapon in rage?) : Yes

    General color scheme: (Are you a green, nature-loving Druid? Are you a Paladin, bathed in yellow light? Or, are you a Death Knight, with the air around you cold with a blue hue?) : Unholy Green ( Death knight style )

    Any extras: (Being a user of nature magic, do you want leaves visible? Or, do you wish to have your Raven Lord mount watching over you, in the background?): Put some ghouls in the back round please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yesinia View Post
    Oh...Em...Gee amazing, love it! So much better than I could have imagined. TY, TY, TY, TY!
    You are very welcome I thoroughly enjoyed making this for you as I've wanted to make a wallpaper in that setting for ages!

    And a re-make of a signature which I made originally in completely the wrong gear!

    It's right now though
    Requests CLOSED!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky High Shark View Post
    signature with two character.
    visable text: Degraz/Lostcoast
    armory links: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Degraz/simple / http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...stcoast/simple
    gear set: degraz: what he is wearing, to a Tee. tabard and all. Lostcoast: T14 LFR set, and have malevolent glad belt of cruelty http://www.wowhead.com/item=91595#.
    helm: off on both, but have the tabard for Degraz.
    pose: have Degraz facing the left have Lostcoast with the weapons the bladefist http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/29348 in the single target auto attack pose facing the right. weapons optional
    color scheme: red and with a battlefield in the back ground.
    extras: embers flying through the air, horde flag in the background.
    just a bump form last week.

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    I am looking for someone who wants to take on a little larger projects.
    I have a comunity of followers, but trying to build it bigger where I have followers from different parts. It is through my blog, Facebook page, Stream (Twitch) and various forums.

    What I am looking for is someone who would like to make a theme that all elements can follow. On the Facebook page and on the blog, it is a header. At Twitch, the entire layout. And a signature that follows this.

    If anyone is interested in this, please contact me by PM on this page.

    Some info on what is wanted.
    Blog header: 958px wide by 333px high, no maximum size
    Facebok header: 851px wide and 315px high
    Twitch: Here you have more experience than I have.

    Theme: Looking reached that shows what class and race I play (Shaman panda), my character's name (Ezeke) and the guild I play in (Trolltyg). In addition to that get your imagination run wild.

    Thanks in advance
    Christian aka Ezeke

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehstool View Post
    Attention artists:

    Just thought I'd let everyone know since some artists in here can win it for sure and you get a free mount!
    All entries must be received by Monday, February 11th 2013 to qualify
    bit late with this post ;p contest started jan 15 lulz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alidie View Post
    bit late with this post ;p contest started jan 15 lulz
    Whoops lol. I just recently logged onto open raid and it was there on the front page. My bad. It's over I should probably delete that post. I guess I should've read the whole thing.

    Signature by Geekissexy Check out her Deviantart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyama View Post
    And this panda! Well, she's certainly had a few - her expression is priceless Love it
    Thanks! The Goldilocks pose was a great inspiration.
    Quote Originally Posted by nolliepop View Post
    Thank you so much Rivelle! I love it! I couldn't have imagined it to look so great <3
    I'm so glad you like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorlox View Post
    Hiya, haven't requested anything here before but after a guild/faction/server-swap I'm in need of an update of my Twitch-page, and while I'm at it I figured I might aswell give it an upgrade

    What do you want for your page:
    Header, Background, Offline and Info Section (The Old Twitch Layout)

    Visible Text:
    Character Name (Loxxie) Guild (Insignificant) Server (The Maelstrom)
    Nothing particular, you can have some free reins on that one, whatever looks good
    Offline Image:
    Same theme as the rest, anything that looks good really, if the current one is fine and works with the new design I'll have no problem keeping it
    Info Section:
    I'd like the General Information and PC Specs to show, from my current Info box. The alt-armory links and "other awesome streams" links are both outdated so can scrap them.

    It'd be nice if you could bake in a link to another stream aswell, dps hunter PoV, same guild. http://www.twitch.tv/rawriesqtpi

    This is my main: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Loxxîe/simple Feel free to use that transmog for most purposes, have the head on shown if it looks better, and feel free to swap out the shield transmog to http://www.wowhead.com/item=47079 (Gameplay wise that would be impossible due to faction-specific gear but it looks amazing :P)

    General Colour Scheme:
    Ok, this is where it gets slightly more specific
    I'd like an updated look similar to my current Twitch header: http://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/jtv_user...f0-640x125.png
    A strong contrast between colourless sha-esque darkness and turqoise/light, I think it looks amazing and I'd love something very similar to that for the header. For the background and Info Section its really up to you to decide if the same look works there too, but I'd like the strong contrasts between the dark and the light/turqoise (I really like turqoise as a colour)
    1 week+ bump, thought I'd have to wait a tad until the whole twitch layout thing got settled, but noticed people have been making Twitch things anyway, so here's a bump!

    Also added the request for an offline image, if the current one doesn't work with the new design.

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