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    Visible text: Zhaira, Blackwing's Bane

    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...haira/advanced

    Sorry if the pictures are bad quality, I took them on my iPhone, I'll take better ones when I get home later if you require them

    Gear set: Tier 14 HC gear with Cursed Visions

    Helm visible: Yes

    Your pose: Mistweaver healing pose!

    General colour scheme: I want it a mistweavy colour if possible

    Any extras: Can you put Xuen in there?

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    Love it!

    Thank you very much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irialx View Post
    Heh thanks for the early bday present Shy! Its pretty awesome i4ni and I share a PI (3.14!) birthday!
    add me to the grp :P I dinged 30!
    Legionnaire Nazgrim yells: Thrall's balls! They're everywhere...

    Thanks to Shyama for the lovely signature

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    Quote Originally Posted by LogixTN View Post
    Love it!

    Thank you very much
    goodie yw
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    Version 1:

    Version 2:

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    Love making warrior signatures. Still open for signature requests, especially warriors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyama View Post
    PM request - Wallpaper for Azhrial:

    The pally cmode armor is just so sick. Its totally not fair lol!

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    Love it , mucho thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by dubbelbasse View Post

    Love making warrior signatures. Still open for signature requests, especially warriors

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    Hey Guys,

    iam a non native english speaker so sry for my missspelling.
    Today i start streaming on twich, of course a nice design is very important.

    Maybe one of u have fun to design something for me.
    You make a really good job especially Ladylora, i LOVE your paintings!

    So i will try to explain what iam looking for:

    U already did good jobs, be creative i believe in u

    Resolution: 1680*1050
    Visible text: Maybe "Mesida" designed like reckful in his stream
    Armory link: eu.battle.net/wow/de/character/blackmoore/Mesida/advanced
    Gear set: Paladin Challenge Mode Set
    Helm visible: yes
    Your pose: If you're a caster, do you want to be shown casting a spell? Be creative...
    General colour scheme: bathed in yellow light or collor like challenge mode set

    Do whatever u think, until its seems like a absolutly fantastic screen...

    I am extremly exited.. hope u guys make a good job.. THX!!!

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    First time requesting;
    Looks like I accidentally logged out in my PvP gear but I worked my rear off for it; So it's a win from what I thought was a loss!

    Visible text: Schwert; US - Mal'ganis
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Schwert/simple
    Gear set: S12 T2 Warrior with Barovian Family Sword - (Should still be logged out in it!)
    Helm visible: Nawww'.
    Your pose: Up to the maker - Combat poses would be awesome since I'm a warrior and stuff.
    General colour scheme: Dark Blues, Golds and Blacks - Tirisfal kind of colours!
    Any extras: If you can throw Invincible in there somewhere everybody loves ponies! Even zombies! Maybe a Gilnean Raven? Only if they fit in with what you think works.

    I ain't picky at all. Should be easy to work with. ^ - ^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfster View Post
    add me to the grp :P I dinged 30!
    Happy Birthday!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Szwarc03 View Post
    Hello hello! Really have been enjoying looking over all these other signatures and I thought I would put in a request for my own

    Visible text: Eradrim(Human Paladin)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: dl.dropbox.com/u/69540214/WoWScrnShot_021713_070336.png
    Gear set: T10,5 +shadowmourne + brute force tabard
    Helm visible: No
    Your pose: its up to you
    General colour scheme: dark / cold blue
    Any extras: Surprise me
    Size: mmo-champion size + Guild forum size: 375px x 125px
    1 week bump

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    happy belated birthday to the birthday people!

    And a pmr:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Populaire View Post
    happy belated birthday to the birthday people!

    And a pmr:

    I freaking love it! Thx so much /hugz
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    Hi i would like someone to make me a forum sig.
    Visible text: I would just like my name
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http:/
    Gear set: What i have on will be fine
    Helm visible:Yes
    Your pose: dont matter
    General colour scheme: Blue will be fine
    Any extras: Sha dead in the background would be cool

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    Hey nice work guys I would like to request a signature.

    Signature and
    Visible text: Name
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: eu battle net/wow/en/character/thunderhorn/Aedras/simple
    Gear set: Tier 15 Shaman heroic set
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: monk flying kick if its possible
    General colour scheme: something that goes with the tier maybe
    Any extras: a light glow around the char

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivelle View Post
    Version 1:

    Version 2:

    OOO lovley!! THank you so much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovan View Post
    Posting for a guildie who isn't able to post on MMOchampion at the moment. Again it's not for me but for a guild member.

    Hey guys if any of you would have some spare time to make me a signature, I would greatly appreciate it!
    Visible text: Character name: Lanikai
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...C3%AE/advanced and http://i.imgur.com/L04uPw6.jpg
    Gear set: The same gear set I'm using at the moment. It's the Paladin challenge mode armor.
    Helm visible: Yes.
    Your pose: Up to you, anything that works well in the signature.
    General colour scheme: A scared shield-like color scheme would be nice, but this is up to the creator as well.
    Any extras: Doesn't need to have any extras. Although feel free to add in anything you think looks good related to Paladins.
    Reposting after a week.
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    Completed legendaries: Twilight, Sunrise, (Eternity), Incinerator, Bolt, Quip, Frostfang, The Dreamer, The Moot, The Juggernaut, Howler.
    Current projects: Frenzy, mini Llama.

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    PM request for ValiumMm:

    PS - Elypop, Aryiana's new signature is gorgeous!
    Requests CLOSED

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