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    pm request:

    love love love love love love

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    My queue is currently empty so I'm accepting PM requests as long as I'm the only one PM'd ;P

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    Hello Nicolette,

    While browsing, I saw the sig you made for your friend (The tauren) as well as your own at the bottom of the post, and I have to say, after seeing this forum thread, your design is the one that captivates me other than the others. They are very elegant and subtle, and therefore, if not too cheeky, would like to ask, if you would be able to make me a signature?

    I don't have any screenshots at the moment, as I am not on my home computer.

    I like the specs that you have used for yours and your friends. So if possible, I would love to have it that size.

    My main is Ashren, a Female Troll Shadowpriest on DoomhammerEU. My troll is an all rounder, but I am concentrating purely on PvP at the moment. If possible, I would like it to show, a female troll Shadowpriest, from the chest up, positioned/angled in the style you do yours (so not just looking straight at it). If possible, I would like it to show the Wrathfull Gladiator Satin Shoulders, but no helm. The hair if possible, being Number 4 on Really Big Link
    The only other conditions I would like to set are:
    1) The troll looks like it's in shadowform, but the purple not being so dark, so that you can actually see the character
    2) The hair is pink

    The name position is totally upto, same with background color/Name color/Font. I appreciate your artistic input, so would love to see you have some freedom in it.

    Thank you very much if you decide to undertake this.
    I got this PM for Leesa. I'm going to do it. but making sure no one else got a PM

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    Slight modification to text from his original. Sez is the master. Much appreciated.

    "It may be your $14.99, but it's the raid's $374.75" -- Ralask <Nether>, Senjin.
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    looking for something to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guineaworm View Post
    I'd like to request one for a close RL friend. His name is Chei from Spirestone.

    If possible i want him in a demanding pose as he is named after a communist dictator. The background would look awesome as a red communist flag even? Helm on for sure. Thanks a ton it'd be a great surprise for him.
    Still looking for someone to give this one a go. I promise my friend isn't a communist, he just thought the name was beast haha

    Sig by the talented Brienna <3

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    Calm down, some1 will pick it up if they feel like it. Else, just sit tight and cross your fingers. Or just PM an artist.

    Many thanks to Gamelol for the signature.

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    Hopefully this will work.

    Forum Signature
    the size should be like a normal signature, like the size of Senior Member Whai, 2 replies above me.
    Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...&cn=%C3%89lune
    Élune be praised! or just: Élune
    - I would like to have a night elf female druid on the left side of the signature, and behind the female an alliance moonkin, which should be a bit shady, only the upper side of the night elf, the face should be shown, and the shoulders should be equipped with t10 balance shoulders.

    - the colours in the back should be like: green stripes and green leafs, the stripes should point at my name 'Élune'.

    You can also choose: an alliance moonkin in the middle of the sig, with green leafs and stripes in the backside of the sig.
    In the right down corner of the sig my name: Matron Élune, and maby the server: Neptulon.

    Other ideas are free you know, I saw many of your designs and I like everything. You're free to design something, just show a moonkin/nightelf druid.

    I hope this is enough information, if not then just reply on this and I will work on it.

    Thanks in advance for anyone trying, if you need anything rendered i can help with that, otherwise goodluck
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    My sis made sure I got every detail right. The basic idea was mine though.

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    I got a PM from Jayded.
    PM Wait list:
    Leesa and Jayded.

    Edit: I"m withdrawing from this thread permanently if I get another request from someone who PM'd more then one artist.
    I'm tired of you idiots not following directions. It takes 3 minutes to skim through the first post. And most of you go through other pages of the thread first.
    I'm pretty sure on almost ever page of this thread it says:


    Hey there. I just found this thread and am so glad there are people willing to do this for the community. If not too much trouble I would love a sig and an avatar please.

    Character: Krystallus
    Realm: Uldum
    Title: the Exalted
    Class: Druid
    Race: Night Elf
    Gender: Female
    Armory: Can't post Armory since for some reason it is buggy with my comp. Sorry for inconvenience.
    I don't know exactly how hard it would be to do, but I am thinking my character in the T3 set from Naxxramas if possible. For the background I think as a balance druid something along the lines of purples and blues and maybe a moonwell or the lake in Moonglade. If you cannot do the T3 armor then my current gear the Sanctified Lasherweave would do just lovely. For either set though I think it would be fitting to not have the helm or cloak models in as they just don't look so good.
    Thanks again!

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    Oh that's lovely Nicolette. Thank you so much.
    I came, I saw, I moonfire spammed it.

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    Pm request
    Last edited by Cyhiraeth; 2010-08-02 at 07:26 PM.

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    Thanks alot bro awsome job !!

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    PM Request:

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    canceled PM but did it anyways

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    I'm not doing this anymore. I got some not so nice remarks from someone whom I was rather displeased with for whispering 3 artists.

    I'm just going to lurk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicolette View Post
    I'm not doing this anymore. I got some not so nice remarks from someone whom I was rather displeased with for whispering 3 artists.

    I'm just going to lurk.
    pm'd 4 artist i got one too

    sad to see you go =(

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    Character: Connoris
    Realm: Eonar
    Title: the Kingslayer
    Class: Mage
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male

    Looking for something firey and hopefully the 277 T10 mage teir. Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safhira View Post
    Stole my pet, psh. >.>

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicolette View Post
    I'm not doing this anymore. I got some not so nice remarks from someone whom I was rather displeased with for whispering 3 artists.

    I'm just going to lurk.
    Nooo! Don't give up because of that one stupid, blind, selfish person! Your signatures are far too good to miss out on. If I had your skills, I'd be doing these for people just because I could, don't let them go to waste, deary.
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