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    oh dear i totally missed it, i thought no1 will do it with it anymore so i changed it, it looks amazing <3 u

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tishko View Post
    oh dear i totally missed it, i thought no1 will do it with it anymore so i changed it, it looks amazing <3 u
    Oh good, I was worried maybe you didn't like it. Thanks for the compliment!

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    Started making these for a request on here, then realised that it had already been done, so... if anyone would like the panda signature and avatar below, send me a PM and I'll be happy to add a name to the signature

    Requests CLOSED

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivellana View Post
    Here you are...

    Maybe others could do it better but this is simply the most "sha touched" I could get a non-black armor tier to look without making the entire sig black & white including the orc's face. Hope you like it anyways. :P
    Mmm not quite what I had in mind, but it will do for now; thanks Riv
    Btw I went ahead and made a "matching" Avatar using the Sig, so thx*2.

    PS: That pug puppy in your sig is so cute!!
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    Request of the lovely sig artists here I'm not good enough to make one myself, and WMV never seems to work for me

    Visible text: Corgii
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Corgii/simple
    Gear set: Monk challenge gear if you please
    Helm visible: No helm (blue hair streak would be great if you could get it!)
    Your pose: Some sort of meditating pose or casting pose would be cool; either works for me
    General colour scheme: Lots of greens; but more light shades if possible

    Signature by Visenna!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyama View Post
    You're welcome

    Claimed - should have time to work on this today, fingers crossed

    And done:

    Hope you like it

    It looks amazing! Thank you=)

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    Hey guys, love your work. I'd like to get a new sig. I was wondering if I could request 2. One for these forums and the other for my Guild's forums.
    The first one I'd like this...http://i.imgur.com/PJpG7.jpg only text would be my name, Fiddlesnarf, for both of them.
    The second I'd like the same helm, and belt, but have the Argent Crusader's Tabard http://www.wowhead.com/item=46874
    Teir 6 http://roleplaygear.wordpress.com/20...tbringer-sets/
    and Soul Cleaver http://www.wowhead.com/item=32348

    Background/theme for the first one, be a little "holy firey", kinda rough and brutal looking, but not overly distracting.
    The second be bold and clean looking, very "light".
    Thank you very much!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forky View Post
    It looks amazing! Thank you=)
    You're welcome! It's been quite a while since I made your signature - really pleased you came back to get it

    Fiddlesnarf - please follow the template in the first post of this thread. Fill in one for each signature you are requesting - it makes things much clearer and makes it much more likely to be picked up by an artist

    PS - this applies to anyone requesting. We love the template! <3
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    Requests CLOSED

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    Not exactly sure what it is called, but I would like to get a "banner" to cover up my chat during a stream. I am using Xsplit/Twitch if that makes any difference.


    Size: Taking the Panel Size from my Elv UI Config, its currently 213 in Height, and 414 in Width. I do not mind if its a tad bigger, but please do not go any smaller than this.

    Visible text: Vanntastic (Toon name), <Silly Hats Only> (Guild Name), Horde (Faction), Combat Rogue (Spec) and Kil'Jaeden (Realm). For the font, I would like everything to be in Continuum Medium if possible.

    Logo: Not needed.

    General colour scheme: I would like the color theme to blend around Blue/Black/White with the Blue being the main color similar to my Rogues transmog.

    Specifics: I would love for to have a picture of my Rogue in his current transmog set as shown in my signature with the theme and etc built around it.

    My Rogues Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...astic/advanced

    Any questions, or clarification needed, please don't hesitate to PM me!

    EDIT: Would also love an Avatar with just my Rogue, and a signature with my Rogue and his name with the same themes and etc as posted above.

    Thank you!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartacus View Post
    Hey guys.
    I'm looking for someone to do a sig/ava/wp

    Aaaand done! Hope you like it

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    I actually have a request for two banners. A guild page I raid with uses the same template as the banners here so I am wanting one for my new main as well as one for my raiding toon for the raiding page.

    Visible text: Just my name
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Ruktzu/simple
    Gear set: Current xmog
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: Whatever you think is best
    General color scheme: A dark blue color almost black.
    Any extras: I love that my shaman is elemental in fact the lightning was the reason I picked one. Please utilize some lightning in the design.

    Visible text: Just my name
    Armory link/Facial screenshot:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Ruktou/simple
    Gear set: Current xmog
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: Whatever you think is best
    General color scheme: Whatever color just please no green or purple as I can't see those colors.
    Any extras: whatever will make the creator happy.

    I would like to thank anyone that considers taking on either of these projects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeirAdish View Post
    Hi, I'd like to request a signature, avatar, and twitch background... :S
    A lot of work :S

    Visible text: Just the name Kéirà (funny symbols and all. Codes are 0233 and 0224 with the alt key held and number lock on.)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...r%C3%A0/simple
    Gear set:
    (No weapon or shield)
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: Bowing
    General colour scheme: Background clear preferably, so that whatever background its on that's all you see.
    Any extras: Some Burgundy and black aura emanating from her.
    Think http://www.justpushstart.com/wp-cont...nfamous-1.jpeg
    just darker

    Twitchnow youtube)
    What you want for your page: Dark with Sha Energy
    Visible text: Name, Same as signature.
    Logo/Character: (Two characters)


    General colour scheme: Something dark, darker than deepholm, but not just pure black...
    and burgundy and black energy radiating off the cataclysmic set character.
    and blue(dark but not too dark) and white energy radiating off the ruthless set character.

    Specifics/Extras: Not sure if its possible but what I'd like is for them to be standing on either side facing outwards, the ruthless set with sword drawn but loosely held kinda like: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-6JwgAV4c03...600/ichigo.png
    and the other one with same way with the Gavel to the front and shield the backish.

    Avatar: Just the Paladin(holy) Cataclysmic head with a red glow where the eyes would be and a little bit of that dark energy that was previously mentioned.

    Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need as I'm not sure if I described what I want very well... :S

    *bumping after week*

    However I am changing that twitch background to a youtube background if you don't mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indi View Post
    Resolution: 1366x768
    Visible text: Indïranna (alt 139 for 2nd ï) Twilight Circus
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...AFranna/simple
    Gear set: White Absolution (its a recolor the the T6 set)
    Helm visible: Yes
    Your pose: Casting
    General colour scheme: I like the blue that is in my sig/ava. I'd also like some pink/purple thrown in there if possible
    Any extras: I would like Twilight Circus over/around the guild banner http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/ga...ind%C3%AFranna. I would also like my monk included, if possible. Maybe looking out from behind my priest, if that looks good, if not then whatever looks best http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...C3%AFus/simple

    Thanks in advance to whomever picks this up
    One week bump.

    Also, Happy Thanksgiving!

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    PM Request 1 of 2:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geekissexy View Post
    PM Request 1 of 2:

    I love what you did with her hair!

    | Sig by Shyama <3 | Playing: Fallout 3, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2 |

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    Ok, after playing as a Monk for a bit I've come to completely LOVE them. And a friend of mine asked me to make a toon on their server. So with that said... any chance someone will make a new signature for me? I completely LOVE the work done for Lymle (saved that for my horde server, still <3 the artist).

    Visible text:
    Mistweaver Sawanaguchi
    Bladefist - US

    Armory: http*//us*battle*net/wow/en/character/bladefist/Sawanaguchi/simple

    Gear set: anything better than what she's wearing, if possible tier 14 but not the yellow one (eeww yellow)

    Helm visible: If it's the tier 14 set, yes please. if not then no please.

    Your pose: Whatever you think is best

    General color scheme: She's Mistweaver/Windwalker so jade serpent/white tiger kind of theme would be awesome!!

    (deleted my first request for this one because I wasn't sure i followed proper request layout. So here's a better one. =) )
    Last edited by WickedRequiem; 2012-11-22 at 07:57 PM. Reason: I have two monks and linked and requested wrong toon. I'm a blonde IRL so... heehee

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    Hello again! Still searching for someone to make an awesome custom signature and also a wall paper! I wanted to thank the artist ahead of time, and I appreciate the work you have / are going to put into this, and especially for taking time out of your day to do this. Its really awesome what these amazing artists can do, and I will be returning soon, for my twitch page opening at the beginning of the new year.

    This is a bit different, but I don't think it would be too different from a WoW model viewer. I'm an extremely heavy Dota player, and would love to set up something for my favorite hero, Squee Spleen, & Spoon. In general, I'm looking for the picture of the Goblin Techies, and only to be followed by explosions, the "bow to the hunter."

    http://i.imgur.com/j9wac.jpg or if you find something that would look better for the Goblin Techies, or "Squee, Spleen, and Spoon" that you may think look better, than use that one! I found this one to be the easiest, and probably the best to work with.

    Visible text:
    "Squee, Spleen, and Spoon" as main text. "Pride of the Weak" as the sub text.

    I'm really looking for an explosive background, with the "hot" colors. As much as variety as possible, would be amazing!

    As much explosions as possible! Perhaps none of the same size? Whatever you may think will work, go for it!

    Originally, I'd like one that is a tad bit larger, in order to fit with the picture & such, but I'd also like perhaps a screenshot? or a crop that fits the size criteria for MMO - Champion. I don't really care what size, just whatever you think is best!


    Okay, so now this a rather challenging request, and I'm looking for anyone "up to the challenge" I guess, because this is something that I have thought of doing, and attempted doing for a long time, but I'm personally not skilled enough, so I thought I'd throw this up there, seeing if anyone would give this a shot. If not, I'll be good with the signature, that is what I'm really after

    A boy and a Girl.

    Colour Scheme:
    I'm looking to do something along the lines of a blueish sky, and the "Twins" bathing in a yellow light, and from there be a gradience, to the corners, which I'd like to be pitch black. I'd like the " Twins' " radiance with light, preferably something along the color of yellow. From there, I'd like anything that would look just as good, like particles (shapes) throughout the sky, as it slowly fades to darkness in the four corners.

    Visible Text:
    Main Text - Gemini
    Sub Text - The Twins

    1366 x 768

    Once again, I can't help but to repeat, thank you so much for doing this, and I really appreciate it. I hope someone will be able to help me with this, and I'm sure whoever will do an amazing job. Have a good night, y'all!


    3 week bump

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indi View Post
    One week bump.

    Also, Happy Thanksgiving!
    Working on it.
    And it's done!

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    iPad wallpaper request:

    Just get the fuck after it, don't be a pussy, and you'll be fine.

    in this world full of people there's only one
    and if we only live once, I wanna live with you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallaria View Post
    Hi, when I saw this post, I just had to make a user and join in. This is the best idea ever. I always dreamed of a personal wallpaper, but not many makes them with dwarf females. Not that I have been able to find atleast.

    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Visible text: Talla (standing in the button right corner)
    Armory link/Facial screenshot: ht tp : // eu . battle . net / wow / en / character / aggramar / Talla / simple
    Gear set: The one shown on armory. Faded forrest transmog.
    Helm visible: No
    Your pose: I like the pose on armory, where it stands holding the gun
    Any extras: I would like to have the black and the green devilsaur standing behind my character. http : / / www . wow - petopia . com / look / trexskinblack . html and http : / / www . wow -petopia . com / look / trexskingreen . html ... for color scheme I don't know what would look good with the rest.

    If the designer has time and wants to, an avatar, with just my character, and a forum signature, with my character and one or both devilsaurs + character name, would be awsome. But if I am just so lucky as to get the wallpaper, I am way passed happy :-)

    Sorry for the hacking of links when I get this posted... it is not easy to get a link through.
    1 week bump.
    So much great work in here
    Happy thanksgiving to all the amaricans, and have a nice evening to the rest.

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