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    Hey i have a quick question for you guys i swap to affliction for some fights in seige and I was wondering which 2 trinkets to use for affliction I currently have heroic warforged bindings normal Totem and black blood now i know that i need to use black blood but when does the heroic bindings pass up the totem

    here is my armory

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    Heroic Bindings is BiS for both Aff/Destro.
    BBoY is better than Toxic Totem if they are the same ilvl, but if you eventually get Heroic Totem, it's better.

    Check out the entire list here:
    Yes they are just sims, so you should sim yourself, but they are pretty accurate.

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    normal bboy is miles better than normal KTT. use your bindings + bboy. obvious choice here.

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    black blood is pretty much mandatory for afflic. the only thing ppl couldnt agree on was bindings vs totem but now most ppl favor bindings over totem.

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    Just go with Amp trinket + BBoY for afflic, for me personally, heroic PBoI + normal BBoY pulls more dps in afflic than heroic KTT + heroic PBoI, but idk, that may be just myself.

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