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    Odd Mr. Robot results for hit, take a loot


    So I recently got some new shoulders off of the gracious and mighty Ordos, and didn't upgrade them. I went on Mr. Robot and he told me what to do, so I was sitting at like 15.40% hit.

    Well I decided to 4/4 those shoulders and when I redid my optimization on the site, it said..I don't need to make any changes? I'm at 17% hit right now, with like 4 hit gems and it says I'm 100% optimal. I'm confused?

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    There is an issue currently with the official WoW armory not updating. Mr Robot pulls its data from what the armory says so atm it is not pulling the changes you have made and it won't until they correct the issue. Blizz knows about the armory issue and they said they are working on it, in the meantime my suggestion is manually figure things out with the gear/gem/reforges to get to 15%.

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    Well, Mr. Robot shows +16 ilvls on the shoulders. So it's updating that I've upgraded it 4 times.

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    Pretty much every piece you have has hit. Maybe you just have too much of it to reforge down to 15% efficiently. If it isn't a bugg, you may be the most optimized you can be until you find better pieces.

    Also, you can crank out 7% more haste while losing 4% crit by switching to the "multi dotting" destro build on AMR, and editing weights to change mastery value from 4.6 to 5.0. Thats the best stat weight you can use as destro.

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    You have a LOT of hit on your gear, so with the mixed gems AMR wants to use, you go over the hitcap. You could replace some of the mastery/hit gems with mastery/stamina, because the reason AMR wants you to use hit/mastery is because the socket bonus is worth getting even with half a gem being wasted, so you might as well go for stamina instead of hit, as at least that benefits you a little bit whereas hit gets you nothing at all.

    But really, there isn't a lot you can do other than try to get some gear without hit to replace a few of your big hit items.

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    Replace the hit/mastery with stam/mastery gems.
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    I'd go with downloading ReforgeLite and see what that says. It's easily as good as the reforge part of AMR and it's an addon so you don't have to alt tab, update armory etc.

    Replacing the hit part of your gems with Stamina isn't out of the question either. It's not damage improving, but then again, neither is hit above 15%
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    I'd say that your itemization is to blame. You have NINE items with hit on, AMR probably can't reforge out of all that hit without satisfying your input stat weights.

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    Well, it's not like I purposely told bosses to drop all hit items. It just happens that way. Only ran SoO normal for two weeks, bosses aren't dropping what I need, or other people are rolling over me.

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    Solution: Don't use Mr. Robot.

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    unless you want to break socket bonus' what do you expect?
    What other gem can you put into a blue that would be worthwhile (and no, intellect is not better than mastery)

    intellect on a purple - 80 * 7.3 = 584
    mastery on a green - 160 * 4.9 = 784

    Won't tell you to change out of hit because nothing else in blue is weighted.

    Add even a 0.1 weight to stam and you will see it change out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teye View Post
    Solution: Don't use Mr. Robot.
    AMR is fine as long as you know how to use it(which in most cases means "don't use the default settings, they're bad")

    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberie View Post
    unless you want to break socket bonus' what do you expect?
    What other gem can you put into a blue that would be worthwhile (and no, intellect is not better than mastery)
    Stamina, as TEHPALLYTANK and I already mentioned. It's not a DPS increase, but it's more beneficial than hit above the cap.

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    See edit, sorry

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    Solution: Don't use Mr. Robot.
    It's not about not using it, it's about not using it if you don't understand how weighting works in general.

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