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View Poll Results: What name do you like the best?

164. You may not vote on this poll
  • WoWMonastery.com

    28 17.07%
  • ThePenitentPriest.com

    20 12.20%
  • HolyDiscipline.com

    25 15.24%
  • PriestlyHeals.com

    11 6.71%
  • HealingPriest.com

    52 31.71%
  • My own suggestion below...

    28 17.07%
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    Re: [POLL] Vote on a healing priest website name!

    I'm sure you already know what you are doing but in any case if you need a hand in html and css I can help My php's very rusty on the other hand...

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    Re: [POLL] Vote on a healing priest website name!

    Bump so people won't forget about the site.

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    Re: [POLL] Vote on a healing priest website name!

    Pretty sure we'll be greeted with walls of text whenever Spiritus' finishes his work and lets us all know about it. Don't need to keep bumping it.
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