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    soo what ever happened to Healingpriest.com

    What the topic says

    havnt played my priest for that long, so i was looking forward to brainpicking abit on you tbh.

    ur probally been buzzy raiding and stuff.

    Anyways looking forward to it


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    Re: soo what ever happened to Healingpriest.com

    I've been busy with work+school.

    I set aside 2 nights a week to raid, and now football season has started, so that soaks up half of Sunday.

    This pretty much leaves me with Saturday to do "other things" such as movies, golf, and yes, working on HealingPriest.com.

    I just cannot predict when it will be up, just that I try to complete one page at a time. Furthermore, since I'm not paying for hosting, the launch site will be extremely spartan and will have virtually no interaction such as message boards and forums. The template is also very amateurish, since the last time I built a website was 10 years ago. Hopefully, once I get the information written, I can spend some time researching new template techniques.

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    Re: soo what ever happened to Healingpriest.com

    let me know if you need hosting or help with coding and such
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    Re: soo what ever happened to Healingpriest.com

    I can help too. Just send me a pm.

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    Re: soo what ever happened to Healingpriest.com

    Damn I totally forgot about you when I was up there today.

    However, I did have some tasty pho!

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