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    Re: Juggernaunt World 2nd A Tribute to Insanity25

    Quote Originally Posted by Dojjan
    but who looks on second and third? =/
    I do, it is an impressive achievement nevertheless. I'd be surprised to see 100guilds with this before the next patch, hell maybe only 50.
    Signatures are overrated.

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    Re: Juggernaunt World 2nd A Tribute to Insanity25

    Big woot for them all!
    Oswald was over hit cap.

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    Re: Juggernaunt World 2nd A Tribute to Insanity25

    Quote Originally Posted by yuyujin
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    wait a second

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    Re: Juggernaunt World 2nd A Tribute to Insanity25

    yeah! lets advertise shoes on a WoW forum! and besides that grats!

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