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    Best Guild Names!

    <Gnomeland Security>
    <Player VS Pillar>
    <Fire is Comfortable>
    <Retard Proofing Tester Squad>
    <Cheaper Than Dating>
    <Advanced Target Dummy>

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    <Cheaper Than Dating>

    is both epic and geekish

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    Rainbow Brigade

    The best guild name ever.

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    I kinda like my auction house character's guild name...

    <Anything for Profit>

    All pimped out for a night on the local street corner. :P

    Get tons of offers (solicitations) while I am working the AH

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    A guild i saw on my server, i -think- it still exists: 12 inches unbuffed.

    Without a doubt the best guild name ever!

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    AFKek, a Horde side guild on my very first server. Brings back memories

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    <STDs are BoP>
    Quote Originally Posted by Tural
    This fellow was very respectful in his informing me that he would ravage me on his character upwards of 11 levels higher than myself, and that I should go fornicate myself with an iron stick. Before I could thank this man for his kind words, he had already moved along to brighten anothers day as he did mine.

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    <Lincoln failed at opera>
    Quote Originally Posted by jraschke11
    No, nobody forced me to join the Marines and deploy to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once. Nobody forced me to serve my country and do the right thing. I do it so that people like you have the right and freedom to sit in your mother's basement on your fatass and think you are entitled to something.

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    <Set Sail for Fail>

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    <My Little Pwnies>
    ●████▅▅▄▄▄▄▄▄....▄▄▄ Rolf! Rolf! Rolf!
    █M█L█P█ █ █ █ █ █ █►
    -\My pet collection/- -\My Mount collection/-

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    I always thought <Alliance Girls are Easy> was one of the funniest guild names I have ever seen.

    That and <This is just a Tribute>

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    > Veni Vidi Wiped <
    aka we came, we saw, we wiped

    also like > Crusaders of the Isle < and > Valyrie <

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    Quote Originally Posted by zulrohk
    <Lincoln failed at opera>

    Naga Stole My Bike
    Quote Originally Posted by JonTargaryen
    Jaina isn't thinking with her head, she's thinking with her jaina.
    Quote Originally Posted by JesseVentura
    This stuff'll make you a goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurus. . . just like me.

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    <The big bell end>

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    <MOARPEWPEW NOMNOMNOM> had to put my gold + engi stuff somewhere on this alt <3
    Reading a meaningless sig means that you are wasting your time cuz the signature says itself that its meaningless so why do you even read this?

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    <Pew Pew Ganking crew> & <Slashcry>

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    <there is no cow level>

    Oh, and <Drunken Dwarf Militia> is pretty funny too. Amazing video of 60+ devilsaurs raiding Undercity!

    My God, what a horrible creation. People seeing what they want? Thank God they tried to shy away from that. I know it pisses me off when I'm in an heroic raid, yet in the back of my head all I can think is 'some casual player is playing a heroic dungeon and not wiping.' -Vodkarn

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    my bank guild is <Sparkling Wiggles>

    all my ranks are famous black people
    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzia
    Think like this is a Medal of Honor given to warriors in the Vietnam War. How would you feel if a year later, these Medal of Honors is also given away to children for completing a 20-bit puzzle in pre-school? Not so good? Same thing, except it will be harder to complete this 20-bit puzzle than obtaining Firelord and Pureblood Fire Hawk in MoP.

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    <Reagent Vendor> or <Cleave Bill Vol.2>

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    Re: Best Guild Names!

    <Sapped girls can't say no>

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