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    Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    Hello and thank you for taking time to read my very first post on these forums. I appreciate your time and thank you for any help you can offer in resolving my current issue.

    I believe first however a bit of introduction is in order. I have played shadow priest since early bc and have enjoyed every second of it. I always bagged on and hated on ret pallys for what they did to my priest. I dispised the pally class as being simple and faceroll.

    Now that i have fully leveled an 80 pally on a pvp server i have found a few things, some suprised me, some did not.

    My first suprise came in the form of "cooldowns" for ret pallys. Surprisingly enough ret pallys actually do have a decent number of cooldowns to manage and they all come off cooldown at the same exact time.. this i actually find "for now" to be a more difficult rotation than my shadow priest. because the skills dont really line themselves up for you nice and neat.. shadow priests rotations really flow well when done right.. and feel very natural.. ret pally rotation feels like bumper cars at the fair.. everything is slamming into everything else and your slamming buttons to keep up.

    So i must say.. that suprised me and is more complex than i had imagined.

    Now on the other hand.. there really is nothing you can do on a ret that will effect your dps to terribly.. as long as your pressing buttons.. your doing good damage.. this is in complete contrast to the shadow priest. as a shadow priest needs near perfect rotation just to break even.

    so those are the things i have learned.. the ret is by far the most forgiving class i have ever seen in terms of rotation.. however it does seem a great amount of experience is needed to draw the most from the class.

    So i must apologize to all the ret community for underestimating your classes complexity.

    Now onto my question.

    At the current moment my screen looks like this.

    i have macros that use modifiers for my judgements allowing me to use all judgments with 1 button+either shift,alt,or control the same goes for my seals.

    and as you can tell im all over the place with my ui and also keybinds..

    for example my concecrate is the tild button.. but my crusader strike is 2.. my judge is three.. exorsism is middle mouse button down..

    my abilities are spread all over.. this of course makes cooldown watching more difficult..

    i guess my question is... can anyone look at this screenshot and tell me if im overcomplicating things? or simply over binding things..

    maybe you can provide a few examples of mods or ui changes or even macros that will make my ret life a little less cluttered..

    thank you for your time.

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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.


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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    gogo bartender, its awesome

    but you could make some self cast macro for FoL when art of war is up, its infinetly useful

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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    Here's my mini ret pally guide:

    Your rotation is first come first serve (FCFS) with some priorities.

    For example, Crusader strike is on a higher prority than consecration. So, if both your CDs are up, use crusader strike first. Other than that, use whatever comes off cool down first. You DON'T have to worry about priorities so much, if you can keep a steady FCFS rotation going, it should all work out.

    Gem for ALL STR, unless you aren't hit capped.

    your toolbar is WAYYYYYYYY too complicated. You should download bartender, use 2 bars on the bottom center of your screnn that have 7-9 slots. First bar should be all your FCFS attacks (Crusader strike, judge, consec, exorcism, divine storm, etc.).

    Make a second bar above that for all your buffs, mounts, trinkets, etc.

    Thats just what i use.

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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    Check the following threads as well:




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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    >Really< Does help. Big images of the spell you need to be casting next; plug in your priority, and hit the buttons as they come up. All you have to do is memorize your key binds. 8)
    Quote Originally Posted by ScottK15

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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    I use Serious Help in Timing for raids, but turn it off when I do PVP. Instead, I use Bartender to place two small bars right where I normally have SHiT that instead show the cooldowns for all of my frequently used abilities. Because of the dynamic nature of PVP, I've found that the "optimum rotation" falls apart almost immediately. You need to make these decisions on the fly rather than relying on the mod to do it for you.

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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    Thanks to everyone for all the tips on how to improve my ui. with your help and a bit of work i managed to put together a great ui that i feel really comfortable using.

    My next problem should be a simple one.

    Even though i have the default sct on i miss the alert for when art of war procs alot.. is there a mod that i can download that will flash the proc in my face until i use it.. because many times i find myself trying to cast exorsism without art of war up and that should resolve the issue.

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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    Yes, there's a fantastic way to keep track of that. I use Power Auras.


    You can configure this to place a customizable graphic around/next to/above/below your toon that will either show up when you lose or gain a buff or debuff. I use this for all kinds of stuff. I get a green aura around my toon when Art of War is up. I get a red aura when my seal drops off (or I forget to recast it after dying) to remind me immediately to put it back up. Keeps me from hitting the judgment button 3 times and saying, "WTF?!" I get a skull and crossbones over my toon whenever my opponent has Spell Reflect or Cloak of Skill up so that I don't try to stun them. There are tons of things that you can use this for. Helps me out a bunch in raids too.

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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    judging from this thread, i can be a good retpally if i just bind all my keys to random buttons and bang my head against my keyboard?

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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    Im sure if you look around on www.wowinterface.com you'll find a UI almost identical to what you need. Whether you PvE or PvP, I would reccomend a minimalistic type of UI.


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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    Hello Kootz,

    Don't have much time, but saw "help" and "ret pally." I'm not sure how much enjoyment the forum-goers get out of links to EJ, but this thread has helped me more than any other source of information period: http://elitistjerks.com/f76/t68951-retribution_3_2_a/


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    Re: Need a bit of help setting up my 80 ret pally.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chonaire
    judging from this thread, i can be a good retpally if i just bind all my keys to random buttons and bang my head against my keyboard?
    I am asking for help so i dont play like that.

    Im sure the best ret pallys have turned the so called "facerolling" into an art of precision timing and impeccable decision making.

    Sure on a very basic and newbie level the ret pally is super simple. But im almost positive that its not as faceroll as it seems when at the highest level of competitive play.

    Try not to forget i have played a shadow priest in arena and high end pve for years. I have gained near a 2k rating in season 6 as a shadow priest WITHOUT a rogue partner.

    Im the first person who would hate on ret for being faceroll. but belive me once you actually play a high level ret you will see. is it the pin point precision puzzle that must be assembled perfectly to resemble anything at all spec that shadow is? by no means. but there is a small ammount of complexity that goes into the conflict resolution system. and the bumper car type cooldowns each skill has.

    And i really ask my questions because in my opinion its idiotic to assume any class or spec is easy to play and thus you should assume your doing it right. I like to play at the highest level possible.. and if that means coming here to ask a few questions and possibly looking like a fool. then i will absolutely be making posts.

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