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    Re: Lay on Hand messing up the tank?

    From a PVE standpoint, ER > LoH.

    lets assume you have the minor LoH glyph, reducing cd to 15 min. 100% hp every 15 min right?

    ER, 3 min cd. 30% hp.
    30%x5=150% HP

    ER restores 150% of the warriors HP every 15 min potentially whereas LoH is 100%. If your not glyphed for LoH (it's a minor glyph so i dont see why you wouldnt...) its 180% of the warriors hp over the timeframe

    PvP standpoint...

    LoH - omfg i killed this ret 2 1/2 times before he was able to kill me their OP!!!! nerf bubble or loh nao!

    ER - This warrior popped shield wall, shield block and/or spell reflect, then ER... meh it's just 30% hp we'll get him.
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    Re: Lay on Hand messing up the tank?

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptorg
    I think you should stop fagging shit up like this.
    Necro insult? ??? ??? ???

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    Re: Lay on Hand messing up the tank?

    The LoH nerf doesn't matter much to me.

    I mostly tank in 25 mans so theres very few times where I can use it fast enough.

    Its kind of annoying in the 5-mans not being able to use it now, cause its actually possible to use it effectively there, but that just means I need a better healer anyway :P

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