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View Poll Results: Which color do you think our T10 should be?

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  • Purple main/ Orange highlights

    5 4.81%
  • Orange main/ Purple highlights

    4 3.85%
  • Silver main/ Blue highlights

    82 78.85%
  • Purple main/ Green highlights

    13 12.50%
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    Priest T10 Color Choice

    Here are the color schemes that were posted on mmo-champ a few days ago: http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/...st_male_hd.jpg

    It seems from the newer post that Blizz has chosen the Purple one with the orange highlights on it. Does anyone else think that this is one of the uglier choices? I personally think the silver and blue one looks awesome, but maybe Blizz wants to keep the colors dark to fit with the Icecrown theme and a few other classes have purple colors and most of them are at least dark. What do you think?

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    purple/green or silver/blue

    are the only decent color combos and its just basicly a under-developed tier 6 imo
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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    lol at results.
    1, 1, FIFTEEN, 2.

    The silver/blue is by far the best looking.

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    why the fuck cant we get 1 color per set like in toc, 4 colors for 1 set is stupid..

    Blue/silver all the way

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    I'm glad so many people agree with me ;D

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    silver / blue by FAR

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    Two of the colors will be non-tier items ala the purple and orange tier8-look-a-likes found in Ulduar.

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    I like green

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    Poll is incorrect. If you wanted a more correct poll, it would've stated options for people to choose what color for 10 and what color for 10.5.

    Personally, I think purple/green and silver/blue, doesn't matter which order.
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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    I'm with the guy above me. I'm hoping that purple/green and silver/blue are the two they choose for T10 and T10.5 with the purples and browns being offset.

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice


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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    the last one is sick looking on meh sexy troll self.

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    Silver / Blue for Healing
    Purple / Green for Shadow

    That'd look awesome. Also, all sets look better on females, as usual.

    Bonus for a cowl (not part of the OPs screenshot). All in all, quite decent sets, best of the expansion so far.

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