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Thread: mind control

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    Re: mind control

    Quote Originally Posted by draticus
    MC let you cast enemy players spells in BC? O.o
    Last I knew, that was removed at least 2.0, probably before that.
    Also came the 10 second CC limitation.
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    Re: mind control

    Quote Originally Posted by Elothie
    Have you even played eots at the middle with an elemental shamman on the other side? it sucks ages.
    What about that druid pushback wave thingy.. sucks donkey di*k in eots and AB..

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    Re: mind control

    Quote Originally Posted by greysin
    according to ghostcrawler, you can MC someone and use all their cds then run them off a cliff, it's one of the best spells in the game

    of course he knows little obviously
    I lol'd

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