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    Post I'm sorry to people who hate mage changes, but I love them

    A little back ground, I've played my mage since the last patch of BC when I started playing, I was only leveling at that time. I raided semi hardcore, I've played all 3 specs, always trying to optimize myself and my raid for success. I was always the guy that went the spec we needed, even if another was better for my individual dps. (I played arcane in firelands instead of fire I was sad ) But I always enjoyed it. Then MoP came out, and I stopped playing my mage because of 1, single spell. One spell that made me give up on the class that inspired me to play, and that was alter time.

    I am loving this patch so much for my mage, no more hit cap, and no reforging, causing imo the return of actual careful consideration for the gear you roll on. I love the spell clean up, at first I found myself a little confused at the fact a lot of the spells were moved around for certain specs. But I actually like it, I like it that each talent tree changes on your individual spec.

    And of course, Alter time has been gutted, you have no idea I am so excited for the next expac because this stupid gimmick spell is no longer in my dps rotation, it probably is in some cases the best defensive talent now, but I don't mind using it as a defensive ability. I hated using it and managing everything I had on this one annoying spell.

    I know people are hating a lot of the changes, but I enjoy them and I applaud blizzard for the changes in the class.

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    If that post doesn't scream casual, i dont what does.

    Infracted. - Shang
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    Quote Originally Posted by unholyness View Post
    If that post doesn't scream casual, i dont what does.
    If that post doesn't scream infraction, i dont what does
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    One cause is a cognitive bias called projection bias. Essentially living inside your own head your entire life makes it exceedingly difficult to understand how others do not also live your same life, think your same thoughts, and hold your same beliefs. In many cases it's quite frustrating to try to empathize and understand why you yourself may not be the center of the universe, which generally results in one 'acting out' in various ways.
    So, in short: the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unholyness View Post
    If that post doesn't scream casual, i dont what does.
    Not exactly sure how you mean, I said I raided from wrath all the way to the beginning of MoP, we raided 4 nights a week, were second on our server for heroic rag by a few hours, we weren't the best, but I was in no way "casual" I have been this expac though because I slumped down to ele shaman haha.

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    *Says "I'm sorry", immediately uses negative/insulting words to people who dislike the changes*

    In all seriousness, I both like and dislike the change, so I guess I'm just a "Halfie Harry".

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    So you like this patch because you hated alter time gameplay?

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    I love the changes and I've been a progression raider since Vanilla. While I don't agree with the tone of the OP's post, the Mage changes are what brought me back to the class for the first time since ICC. What some forum elitists consider compelling gameplay with things like Alter Time, I consider needless complexity. I never enjoyed how asinine it was to get the right Combusion set up, on top of tracking so much to get Altar Time just right as well (across any specs). A lot of classes have had an escalation in terms of bloat and unnecessary complexity in the last few years. Thankfully Blizzard doesn't design for the overly negative and just as overly vocal minority that posts on forums. People are so bad in their negativity about everything and anything that I usually avoid forum communities altogether. Unfortunately, adjusting to a class I haven't played for a while and needing info lends to reading vitriol in the process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zavri View Post
    So you like this patch because you hated alter time gameplay?
    This was the only thing going through my mind. One spell and you dump your Mage, played since TBC, for an entire expansion? Are you sure there weren't other things going on in your life that made you stop raiding and drop your Mage?

    Alter time was an amazing spell if used correctly, especially in PvP. I'm neither glad nor upset it's now a defensive cooldown, but I really enjoyed it as an opener for Fire & before combusts as a way to get the most out of your trinket procs etc.

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    I don't understand what all the hate at Alter Time comes from. I really enjoyed using the spell as it was a solid dps increase and it added a form of complexity to our opener. Was it really that annoying to people? The new talent is awful as well, and by no means "the best defensive talent," especially when WoD raids have a considerable amount of movement. Cauterize and Greater Invisibility can completely negate one shot effects with no displacement.

    How does the removal of Hit/expertise increase the consideration of certain gear? It decreases the total stats that one must monitor therefore increasing the pool of gear we can choose from.
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    A bit on the Negative Nancy part - the people who are most compelled to make a forum post are those who have experienced an adverse experience, or feel some slight has occurred against them. Hence, the negative bias on forums, and the fact that the atmosphere of 6.0 has been one of persistent failure. Rather, its merely a vocal crowd who is able to alter the perspective of how we view things, merely by repeatedly expressing their opinion, and give the general impression of failure.

    Anyways, good for you on posting a positive experience in regards to patch 6.0.

    Also, to the 2nd poster, what is it about the OP that makes him a casual? That only casuals would be happy with the change? What is it exactly that lead you to make that kind of statement?
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    I'm in a benign mood tonight and I don't think the word 'casual' is an actual insult. The poster of that comment will now get an infraction because he used it in a negative context, but I actively raided heroic and still call myself a casual and don't see anything wrong with it.

    Also, I'll remove the word nancy from the thread title and shorten it a bit because the length is hurting my eyes.

    Oh, also, do be constructive if you want to continue posting in this thread, the patch is out, changes are done, no reason to be hostile.

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    Seems a tad dramatic to quit a whole game you enjoyed because of one spell, especially since nothing in your post signifies you were in any content requiring you to be 110% or lose a raid spot. (Props to you for switching to what was required though instead of e-peen'ing)Additionally I can't imagine why you think removing reforging and adding rng sockets/warforged/teritary stats will make you carefully consider gear. "Did that piece roll cool extra things? I want it." "Did it roll nothing extra? Ignore it." Zero thought process involved. In fact by attempting to make secondary stats as close as possible, removing hit/exp and stating the extra rng-bonuses won't be significant enough to worry about, less consideration should go into drops now than ever before.

    I personally dislike the amount of the spell removal, there was some fluff sure but I think they took away a bit too much. I don't like having 3 primary buttons and downtime beyond that, it feels very bland. Congratulations on playing mage and all the new shiny stuff. Over here in DK land the talent tree does not change based on your spec because Blizzard decided death knights and rogues don't need the cool things other classes got. Even though it's numerically impossible to balance Necrotic Plague to be good for frost/blood without it being mandatory (See: Overpowered) for unholy.

    As for alter time (the spell I assume you quit over?) it was a very small optimization chance for dps that is negligible outside of very competitive guilds. Opinions are opinions, but I thought the way you could line it up to extend all your buff was nifty. Only complaint was some ground effect targeting you after usage and you warp back into it. To each their own I suppose.

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    You can be as happy as you want to be about the class changes. But it still does not change the fact that survivability is a thing of the past, Arcane cannot find its niche, Frost is broken until 100 (thankfully so), Fire is monotonous yet still hitting like a truck and talent choices are either mindless or make the specs feel clunky (Frost bomb/Nether Tempest esp).

    Don't get me wrong I still do like mages, but they could be so much more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarthief View Post
    *Says "I'm sorry", immediately uses negative/insulting words to people who dislike the changes*

    In all seriousness, I both like and dislike the change, so I guess I'm just a "Halfie Harry".
    Sounds just like someone I know, LOL. I had to. not even gonna apologize for it. just incase you needed the reminder.
    its just really funny to me how someone can be so hypocritical.

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    I'm about to re-sub, but my overall impression is that the changes are good, except for the @#%@#% root of power, for which I will not be playing into WoD. The nerfed SoO is just too tasty for me to pass up. Also looking forward to being an OP fire mage once again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Museigen View Post
    Seems a tad dramatic to quit a whole game you enjoyed because of one spell
    If you read the entire post I said I quit raiding on my mage, and switched to ele Shaman (admittedly a mind numbing class)

    I essentially turned my mage into a paper weight using him for reputation grinds, achievements etc. but I lost the fire to raid with him.

    I didn't like the fact that your entire dps on a fight was all dependent on whether or not the stars aligned and at that moment you hit alter time and then smoke the rest of the raid. And then if the stars didn't align you could get some mediocre results.

    Obviously mage will always have it's faults, and that's fine, in my personal opinion I didn't take kindly to the alter time spell.

    Also in terms of me calling people negative, I probably should have went more in depth because everyone has their own opinions and that's fine. I just meant in general the people that saw these new changes and immediately said "MY CLASS IS BROKEN GG BLIZZ" without even waiting for 100 to give the changes a try. I gave alter time a chance, for months, and that was just the spell that made me not want to raid on a mage anymore.

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    Frankly alter time was about the only thing that made me turn on my monitor while playing my alt mage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Museigen View Post
    Zero thought process involved.
    That's pretty much my thought as well in regards to the new itemization. I honestly can't really see what aspect of it should be more thought provoking.
    Quote Originally Posted by Keyblader View Post
    If you read the entire post I said I quit raiding on my mage, and switched to ele Shaman (admittedly a mind numbing class)
    The irony is pretty amusing but still grats at the end I suppose.

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    before today, mage was the only class i didn't have at level 90. they were so boring, i litterally fell asleep while playing my mage character, but somehow got it to level 87.

    after finishing my raid today on one of my other alts, i desided to finally get my mage to level 90 after month of only logging on to that character for 10 minutes a week. And i had a blast. I don't really know what changed in this patch to make mages that much fun, but god i loved it. It felt soooo much better. Mages went from being the most boring class by far, to one of the best.

    i really hope mages stay this way for a long time, because if it ever gets back to how it was just a week ago, i would probably never play it.

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    I too hated Alter Time because of the buff snapshotting it did. Plus it caused a couple of wipes, namely bombs in Jin'rokh heroic fight. It made Fire too dependent on the pull rotation. You screw it up you're eating dust from the other classes.

    Just glad it is a defensive spell now.

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    I hated Alter Time myself, a neat defensive spell that I was forced to use offensively. It was nice for some nice burst, but the forced interaction with pom/fire killed it for me.

    Killing myself to unlucky RNG sucked too.

    Edit: Funny thing is, Mages are now closer to their pre-mop days again. Mop was a fucking design disaster for Mages, remember your tiny RoP and 6 second cast, 45 second duration invocations?
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