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    no water elemental ability action bar

    hi everybody, the moment I received the improved water elemental perk, its abilty action bar disappeared,
    however not the general pet behaviour action bar.
    At the time I figured that was due to Blizzard's ability pruning (just leveled her to 100 this week).

    So I tried turning off all addons or looking for something in the interface menu, nothing helped, I'm at a complete loss.

    Anybody have an idea whats wrong here?

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    Resummon the pet.

    If that doesn't work, go into your spellbook -> pet and look if it's there.

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    well I tried everything, including what you were suggesting, but its still not there.
    really sucks having no control over water jet or being able to use pet frost nova at all -.-, even tho Im going arcane/fire soon enough, it still sucks not being able to use all the tools I should have.

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    Right click on the pets portrait and desummon him manually then exit the game.
    Start wow up and turn off all addons and log into your mage.
    Summon welly.
    If its still fucked up, open a ticket.

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