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    Combustion numbers

    So I just came back to raiding from a couple month break and I've found out frost is the worst Mage spec. So I've decided to go fire and I'm wondering how big my combustion a should be getting. I'm only 666 ilvl and my character is Snaggletooth on kiljaeden if someone wouldn't mind taking a look and helping me find out how big I should be getting my numbers

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    In your position i'd just play frost or maybe arcane. Your fire numbers will be underwhelming until you get more secondaries, set bonuses and trinkets

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    Combustion numbers don't really matter too much until you get your 2P and even a little of your 4P. Anyway, at 666 ilevel without tier I probably would look around 6-9k combustion ticks, maybe 10k with really good RNG. With 2P, then probably 10k-14k more consistently.
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    Arcane would be better for most bosses with your gear, but its good to practice fire for Hellfire Citadel. With 12,36% crit unbuffed, you will have big problem to get good pyro chain for combustion, especially without 2p set. Also if you want to go fire, meteor could be better than Kindling, atleast until you get 2p set.

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