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    frost 4p and ADDs


    Im mainly playing a hunter and started to pick up (frost) mage. Im two pieces short of my 4p and dont really know how to manage 4p+ct properly - especially in add fights-so ild love to know how you handle it.
    #1 from my pov water jet is kind of an extremely hard dot with a 50% uptime. so how do you utilize it. using it on a shortlived add is a waste. ignoring the add might lead to a wipe. intuitively i would keep focussing the boss and mouseover ice lance - if the target is not in icicle range.
    is that the way to go or how do you handle adds?

    #2 also im not 100% sure on forb priority. one obviously doesnt want to use wj and forb simultaneously. according to guides forb is used highest priority but what then? does one just weave fb/lance and hope there are enough proccs or is there a better way?

    #3 which fights do you use RoP?


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    continue frostbolt on wj target and mouseover icelance

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