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    BIS Challenge Mode Gear

    Hey I'm a Frost mage i was wondering if some theorycrafting god could make or link a list of BIS items for Challenge modes ?

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    No theory crafting needed. Go to wowhead and compile your very own list... Sandmans and runestone are good guesses for BiS trinkets though (until BRF is released)

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    A better question is what stat weights have people found the 630 ilvl to be optimal for gold challenge mode. That would allow him to compile his BIS items rather quickly.

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    Hey, my best guess would be put together a set that has as much multistrike as you can, obviously. After that, I think haste carries a lot of weight at lower ilvls, especially after the frostbolt buff.

    Copeland's Clarity is extremely overbudget regarding the on-use effect, so that's definitely one of the BiS trinkets. I've used the Alch trinket as well for my gold and realm best runs, if you have access to that. The CC on-use stacked with the Alch proc is really nice.

    So, to reiterate, I go, Multi>Haste>Crit>Vers=Mastery.

    Different things might work for different people, but this has worked well for me. Also, BiS trinkets will probably change once new raids come out, but this is what I've been doing for now.

    Good luck!

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