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    How to bring Frost AoE in line without breaking the spec?

    With the recent buffs, Frost has good (top tier, if played perfectly) single target dps, but is severely lacking in AoE compared to Fire and even Arcane. However, Blizzard, when talented into Arctic Gale, is already incorporated in the single target rotation. Taking talents like Splitting Ice, Comet Storm, etc. alleviate our mediocre dps somewhat, but at the severe cost of our single target dps. Thermal Void is simply too strong to pass up. Simply buffing Blizzard would potentially make our single target damage way too high, while also making it oh so clunky (boo to targeted AoE in a single target rotation).

    Basically, we are like a better version of Affliction: we have to spec for single or AoE, but not both. What kind of changes would be needed so that Frost AoE isn't horrible unless we sacrifice our single target dps? Perhaps allowing us to spend FoF procs on Blizzard to empower it and make it instant? Making Frost Bomb do passive AoE damage along with the Ice Lance explosions (perhaps toning its damage down to make Unstable Magic the clear single target choice, à la Living Bomb vs. Unstable Magic for Fire)?

    I feel like Frost is almost there, and just needs some adjustments to its AoE toolkit to make it viable in raids and more importantly, Mythic+, as there is no justifying taking Frost into high level keystones over Fire at this point.

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    Increase frost bomb dmg to secondary targets (i think its 60% of primary target right now) and make cone of cold generate 2 charges if it hits 4 targets or more. Also make the blizzard talent also reduce cd by 1sec per tick or increase dmg by x% per tick of your next frozen orb.

    Tune the second option slightly weaker since it doesn't have melee range commitment.
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    Not every spec needs to be the same. Frost has a niche. Buffing the aoe would just make all the specs the same, but different colors.

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    Buff Blizzard a lot but make it a channel again.

    At least when I played mage on beta I often experienced having no actual AoE attack and thus just reverting to spamming Frostbolts or something like that. I don't know how much that improved, but that's definitely where I could see myself starting.

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    Return the passive that reduced the cd of frozen orb every time blizzard deals damage.

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    Make Splitting Ice baseline, increase secondary target dmg to 100%, UM buff to procc 33% and make Frost the king of 2Mobs dmg.
    So has the mage every niche, Fire large scale bombing(over Time), arcane singletarget and up to 4 mediocre, and frost king of 2 (close)targets.

    Edit: problem right now is, frost is single target "good" ... But so is Fire, and if any kind of thrash comes to the fight, frost loses (a lot)
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